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Well…this is it. The last and final section of the 2015 Track And Show event at Fuji Speedway. Today we look at some more cool builds captured by Shota Mori from an event highlighted by its diversity. There were plenty of traditional Japanese vehicles present but the Track And Show event also featured a ton of Euros/Exotics as well as classic American muscle. It would have been cool to see a ’67 Camaro rip through Fuji Speedway alongside a EF9 Civic but the American classics were kept in pristine condition on the show-side of the event. Either way, the event looks like a lot of fun. Very random, yes, but I think the diversity really makes for a fun time for all car lovers. I probably don’t need to mention it by now, since many of you guys follow me on various social media outlets, but I am currently in Japan in preparation for the Wekfest event in Nagoya. I appreciate the patience and understanding if there is a lesser amount of activity to come in the next few days. I try my best to pump out good content for you guys but it just takes time…

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What’s up all. As you’re reading this, I’m probably on a flight to Tokyo so as you can see, I don’t have a whole lot of time to chat. While I’m gone, here is the second half of the “Track and Show” event that recently took place at the famed Fuji Speedway. In Part 1, Shota Mori and I gave you a glimpse of the event from the “track” side of the event, and today, we’re going to look at the cars from the “show” section. Some of the cars from the track did migrate over to the show side eventually but for the most part, you’ll see a completely different set of vehicles from the latter. There’s a good variety of styles and builds in this post, so enjoy!…
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Never has there been a more appropriate name for an event in all the world… The Japanese “Track And Show” event is literally just that, a track event that is also paired with a car show featuring the same cars. The “Track” portion of it isn’t like a crazy insane time attack competition or anything, it merely gives enthusiasts an opportunity to get out on the track to run their cars. The weather was pretty cold and damp that day so maybe it was better that these guys take a light-hearted approach to the whole racing side of it instead of attempting to run record-breaking times. Events like this are cool in that they allow a bigger variety of cars to get out on the track that wouldn’t otherwise be considered competitive in a real circuit race. The guys that do race often get some practice in and show car guys get to smash on the track for a change instead of having to worry about keeping their cars clean… Continue Reading