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After we left the Cars and Coffee event in Irvine, we made our way over to check out the Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise and Food Drive. I had never been to a Targa Trophy event before but I was in the mood to see new things. Sure the Rocket Bunny NSX was going to be there but the Targe Trophy series typically is catered more to the high-end exotics crowd. You know, like Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches, and other cars that are seemingly out of the price range of your average import auto enthusiast. Exotics aren’t really my thing but I am a car guy through and through so it doesn’t hurt to see some of these cars in full detail. Another cool thing about this particular event was that it was held at a Ferrari dealership. They opened the doors to the public so we even had the opportunity to walk around the service area and see all the different stations where Ferraris were being worked on. They had a full body repair area and everything. If you ever want to feel poorer than you have ever felt in your entire lifetime, you gotta go to a Targa Trophy event because you’ll feel more broke than you did after you blew your paycheck on bills during the month where you had to also do Christmas shopping. It’s crazy. It’s like buying a packet of Instant Ramen only to realize you couldn’t afford to pay the water bill so you’re left sprinkling the powder on the dry noodle and eating it like a giant cracker. I was even joking around with Robert telling him that the Rocket Bunny NSX was the most affordable car there…oh yeah, I wasn’t joking because IT WAS TRUE, haha. The only thing that made me feel better about being one of the poorest dudes there was eating one of the best bowls of Ramen that I’d probably eaten the entire year. I’m barely a thousandaire at this point. Alright you get the point. Enjoy the opulence and extravagance that is the Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise and Food Drive….

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Crazy how things work out sometimes….Originally, we had made a late night decision to go to the Cars and Coffee event on just on a whim. Der and I found out that some friends had decided to bring the Rocket Bunny NSX out for a drive down to the meet so we wanted to check it out. I hadn’t seen the car since the 2014 SEMA Show and we wanted to catch a glimpse of the car outside for once. Little did we know that this might actually be the last Cars and Coffee in Irvine. Not just the last one of 2014, this might be forever. Just like that, it’s over and done with. Continue Reading