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It has been two years since we last saw an update on this build. Many thought it was a lost cause, many thought it was sold, few really knew what was going on with the car, but it’s back….And there is finally light at the end of this 4-year long tunnel. The 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is the deadline for this car to be completed and it will make it’s glorious debut at the CSF Radiators booth inside the SEMA Show floors. For us, who have been long involved and committed to this project, it almost seems surreal to see the car coming together now. There were so many plans that came and went over time that so much has changed. Technology in the automotive industry has reached levels we’d never thought we’d see and some of the exterior pieces that were intended for the car are now supplanted for different parts to suit the build in 2015. I think you should all see the video that I’ve included here to hear it straight from Ryan as to what has happened and what is going to happen in the near future. He’s incredibly technical but I think watching the video will help you better understand the car now, especially if you’re new to this build. Since the last time we’ve updated, viewership has grown quite a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a large chunk of you who had never seen or heard of this car before. Even if you would have heard about it in passing somewhere, it almost seems like a hoax or a myth because the entire project just sort of fell on its face a couple years ago. The car disappeared and no one knew what happened to it. People would sometimes ask but I think so much time had elapsed that people just kinda stopped caring… Continue Reading


The East Coast leg of the Wekfest tour is always an interesting one…. Not so much because there is a ton of change from year to year, it’s actually quite the opposite. The last two years I’ve attended, there wasn’t a whole lot of change in terms of the cars that attended. If I put the photos side by side from 2013 and 2014, you almost wouldn’t even notice a difference. There are a lot of contributing factors to that but I think it has a lot to do with both the weather as well as the level of competition that exists out there. The cold seasons really don’t allow for very many changes to vehicle builds because guys can’t drive their cars anyways and many are just stored for the winter. Because of this, they don’t really focus on rebuilding and instead just bring their cars out to cruise whenever they can. Out here in the West, it is much different. Our seasons don’t really affect how we build our cars and because of the competitive-nature of enthusiasts out here, cars are constantly changing and evolving. On the right coast, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Cars tend to stay about the same and a bulk of the enthusiasts who do drive their cars throughout the year aren’t as aggressive about tearing down their cars and rebuilding them from the inside-out. I completely understand why this happens and I think that is why there is such a huge gap between the highly-competitive show cars and the lightly-modded “daily drivers”. There’s almost no in-between. You go into these shows with a pretty good idea of who is likely to win something already but it is still always great to chat with everyone because you want to hear about how enthusiastic they are about their builds. It doesn’t matter if they are going to win or not, all these guys go into it thinking that they have a shot, and that’s a great thing… Continue Reading