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Man, I am so sorry for the delay with the photos. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to balance the content now between videos and photo coverage. Bear with me, I am working it out. For now there will be a slight delay with the photos in comparison to the Vlogs since I spent so much time on them. The reason why I’ve been so focused on video lately is that I like to put the Vlogs together while everything is still fresh in my mind. The sequencing and timing of events gets interesting when we are filming with multiple cameras so I have to try to piece everything back together again when I get home and make sure everything happens in the right order. Otherwise, shit just doesn’t make any type of sense. Photos are easier in that they are just still and tell their own story. They are literally frozen moments in time captured on camera and are sequenced on their own just based even on file numbers. Anyways, this is the last bit of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 coverage. The next update will feature some coverage from the Tokyo Night Meeting that we hosted on that Saturday of TAS ’16. Thank you for your patience and understanding everyone. I appreciate it…

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Here we go, SEASON 2! The Chronicles Vlog is back now for 2016 documenting our many adventures in Japan! I take my annual trip to Tokyo, Japan for the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon event and later travel to Osaka to spend time with friends. This time around, I have some first-timers along for the journey along with the usual suspects who you’ve come to know well from my other Vlogs.

Part 4 picks up on the Monday following Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. We spent the Sunday before just exploring Tokyo and doing some touristy/shopping-type stuff but Monday was dedicated to visiting some tuning shops in the local area. I’ve developed a pretty good relationship with Spoon Sports over the years, thanks to my friend Aaron from Spoon Sports USA, so I always make it a point to stop by to see what is new whenever I’m in Tokyo. Spoon itself is just a office and shipping department so there isn’t ever much going on over there, but Type ONE is where all the toys are at. The Spoon NSX-R just recently made it back over to Japan after spending a year over here in California but the big news there is that they’ve begun tinkering with the new Honda S660. There weren’t any notable upgrades yet as they’ve just started on the new chassis so we hang out at Type ONE to look at some classics there. My boy Chuy is a HUGE Spoon Sports fan, probably one of the biggest fans I know, so I really wanted to show him around the two spots. He also wanted to have Spoon president Ichishima sign something of his as a collector. You’ll have to see in the video if the ever-illusive Tatsuru Ichishima pops up at the office or not. Enjoy…

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What’s up all. I’m currently right in the middle of packing for my trip to Hawaii for the annual Wekfest event but decided that it be best for me to get some more content up for you guys to look at before I go. I have so much stuff to post, along with the rest of the other six Vlogs that I can’t really afford to just not do anything and relax. My flight is in a couple hours but I think I’ve been sleeping way too much lately so here are some more photos from Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. I’m trying to keep everything in the order in which it happened so the Vlogs make sense and the photo coverage isn’t out of order. That is why we have this week-long gap in-between Vlogs. They’re all done, I’m just waiting for the right time to post them. They get better as the trip progresses, trust me. I gotta go run around Hawaii and do Wekfest stuff so I’ll catch up with everyone later. Peep the photos in the mean time…

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