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The Chronicles Vlog #12 documents our adventures at the 2015 Nitto Tire “Auto Enthusiast Day”, which is a free event for all spectators held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA…

I personally have never been to this event series ever before but we had a free weekend so I decided to go check it out. Now that my boy Jonathan Wong works for Driving Line Magazine, funded by Nitto Tire, I wanted to go out there to support him in his new endeavors. It was a hot weekend but the way the summer has gone lately, it was expected. Our friend Kristian Wong, who works as a tuner for SP Engineering, had to bring one of SP’s shop GTRs out to the event for display so we also decided to go rescue him from the hot sun. The event went from 11 AM to 7 PM so there was no way we were going to be out there the entire afternoon into the evening. We showed up, walked around, saw some cool stuff, and then left to go eat for a couple hours to cool down. After lunch, we went back to the event to check out the rest of the event and to hang out with friends. Also included is some footage of a small get together we attended the following night at our boy Sam’s family restaurant, Hoy’s Wok on the famed Sunset Blvd. There’s some random stuff as always so enjoy… Continue Reading


Being that the two shared the cover side-by-side for the 2015 Honda Issue, why not post up both sets of exclusive photos back to back?…

Most of you have probably read the back story on this entire shoot in the previous post, but if you have not, please take the time to. These photos are of Mikey Cristi’s Integra from Phaze2, whereas the previous day’s post featured Phil Sison’s exclusively. I wasn’t really sure how many exterior shots were supposed to be taken for a double feature of this magnitude so I just captured whatever I could. I figured the Super Street staff would want to display more of the photos of the two Integras together than separate so I also shot a lot of tandem photos. As mentioned before, the idea all sounded a little unusual and repetitive but when you put the two cars next to each other, you can really tell just how different they are. The two don’t even look like they were built with the same intentions and its pretty obvious that Mikey’s is more of a “street cruiser” style where Phil’s is more geared towards functionality. There is an off chance where you might one day see Phil’s DC at a weekend track event while Mikey’s would most likely never touch anything even remotely race-related. It’s essentially the same car with two very different builders displaying their work and showing just how versatile these old Hondas can be. They look familiar but you can just do so much with them to make them completely different from one another. I think that is what is great about the Honda/Acura platform of year’s past and that idea is what I really wanted to personify in the 2015 Honda Issue. “Same but different” I guess is what you can ultimately say about this cover. Two cars, same chassis, same color (nearly), built by two very different people, from opposing ends of California, from two different car clubs, using two different engines, but both naturally-aspirated, and both cars holding an unlimited amount of sentimental value. Ohhh, that’s a lot to take in. Check out the photos and enjoy some candids and extras at the end as well… Continue Reading


I don’t really think people were sold on the idea of having two red Integras on the cover of Super Street originally. On paper, it just seemed a little odd. In the automotive print industry, it’s very rare to have two cars of the same chassis and color on the cover at the same time because repetition is not something that is sought after. When I first pitched the idea, it was met with some doubt even though I know Sam Du and the guys at Super Street would never admit it. If you came to me with the idea and I hadn’t seen the two cars, I’d probably doubt it too. Two Integras, that look very similar to non-diehard Honda heads, that are a very similar red hue just seems…well…stupid. Right? The Super Street Honda Issue is a big deal for the book because it is one of the biggest “special edition” issues that they do every calendar year and as such, the cover car is an important one. Let me state this fact right now, before my naysayers begin to log onto their social media accounts to talk shit: THE IDEA TO PUT MIKEY CRISTI’S INTEGRA ON THE COVER WAS NOT MY IDEA.. I actually was against the idea because I knew the backlash would be great, even though I don’t have any direct relation to Super Street magazine other than my work as a freelance journalist. I’m not saying that Mikey’s car didn’t deserve the cover. I’m saying that there are just too many personal relationships involved for my liking. People will cry favoritism and this and that about how I pitched the idea to them but again, the decision was NOT MINE. I believe that Sam Du had been sold on the idea of having Mikey’s Integra on the cover by the time it had debuted at Wekfest LA the year prior. Whatever I said wasn’t going to change that. He is the boss… Continue Reading