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Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hope all of you guys and gals have a wonderful and safe holiday with your friends and family. Most of you guys will probably be busy eating the day and night away so I figured I’d take some time now to drop off some more photos that I captured from the SEMA 2015 event. As mentioned in Part 1 (Day 1 coverage), I decided to do mostly video this year and most of the photos I captured were all from my GoPro camera. I didn’t capture too much but I did try to do some photo coverage whenever I could. The wide angle of the GoPro makes for some pretty interesting photos but the quality just doesn’t come close to photos from my Canon dSLR. I think for Wekfest Florida I’ll go back to doing coverage the old fashion way with just my 5DMKII camera. Anyways, enjoy these photos. They are a mix of shots from the second and third day of SEMA. Photos are by both myself and Ryan Der, enjoy… Continue Reading


Part 3 covers all that happened during the second day of the 2015 SEMA Show. We went a little crazy during Day 1 so we took it easy and showed up late to the event. We had the whole gang together as we continued to tour the Las Vegas Convention Center floors. During our adventures, we run into Sara as she seems to have an impossible time finding her booth after her lunch break and manage to get her where she needs to be in time to watch Ryan from Rywire receive a prestigious award from Mother’s car care products. After the awards presentation, we learn that Ryan’s Integra has also placed Top Ten in the SEMA “Battle of the Builders” competition, which is pretty remarkable. He fills us in on what he has to do now that he is knee-deep in the competition and the issues that he faces moving forward…. Continue Reading


**This is an addendum to the ORIGINAL post below. There were no photos in the previous post of the Vlog but they have been added here with the original content**

This video piece is a special one for me… I spent the past year waiting for this moment to finally happen and I made sure to document it on video for all of you guys to see. As many of you may now, I’ve been following the Spoon Sports Civic Type R for some years now, since I first encountered it in Japan at the TYPE ONE facility in Tokyo. When I found out that this vehicle was being brought over to the U.S. to compete specifically in American time attack, I was excited to see how it would do against some of the best that our country had to offer. The car itself is not a new build. It was once one of the fastest FF vehicles in Japanese time attack when it was built and operated by 5Zigen. After Spoon Sports bought the vehicle, that intentions were to bring it over to North America. Continue Reading