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Part 6 takes place the day after Wekfest Japan. We returned to Osaka and took a day out to recover from the show before heading out to a scenic part of Osaka to shoot a car for a print feature in a U.S. magazine. While there, we came upon a random car meet that was taking place and some other friends show up to hang out. As the days of our journey in Japan winded down, we also prepared for the Phaze2 x Autofashion Night Meet that we organized…. Continue Reading


There’s so much going on lately around here that it almost feels like I’ll never have enough time to go through all the content I have for the site. On my desk is stacks and stacks of orders that need to go out and it is about 3 AM now. I spent most of last week finishing up all the Vlogs from Japan and the last three videos should be up on YouTube this week. While the videos are being rendered, I’ve been busy finishing up these photos from Wekfest Japan and I have still not even looked at the photos I captured from the Eibach Honda Meet. It’s crazy, haha. I want to say that I am overwhelmed but this is all stuff that is enjoyable to me so it doesn’t really seem like work. I just really have to squeeze more hours out of the day to get everything out for you guys to see…

Today, we have the last section of the 2015 Wekfest Japan event. Take a seat, relax, and enjoy. I need to get back to work. Somewhere in-between, I’ll somehow manage to sleep and eat, maybe poop, who knows. This weekend is the Wekfest LA event too so that means there is even more content forthcoming. Oh man. Don’t even get me started on June. It seems like I’ll be out of town every weekend doing car shit. And with that comes even MORE content, haha. Alright time to get back to packing up these orders from the storefront. I don’t even know if any of these sentences I’m putting together make sense. Enjoy!!..
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What’s up all!! Well, it’s a long holiday weekend here in the U.S. so why not get another update up for all to see? I hope, HOPE, that you guys have already gone through the latest Chronicles Vlogs because it will help to shed better light on what exactly went on at Wekfest Japan. With the video, it helps to alleviate the long, drawn-out intros that I have to write for you guys because there is less of a need to capture the essence of the event. I try my best to give you guys a good feel of what the event is like with the videos and after that, you can see the cars in better detail with the coverage below. There is still one more section of photos to post up after today’s update but I’ll unload that on you guys during the next week. Once I get through the photos, we will resume with the Vlogs that cover the rest of my adventures in Osaka, Japan… Continue Reading