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It’s been a real blast traveling everywhere lately. Being that I’ve been doing work in this industry for such a long time now, I always look forward to going to different places and seeing new things. After I got back from Seattle, WA, I hung out at home for a few days before making the journey to Chicago, Illinois for the Offset Kings Showcase event. Ginash from JDM Chicago had contacted me months before inviting me to come out but I honestly had just forgotten all about it until he emailed me one day to remind me. He wanted to bring me out and gave me the option to either judge the car show portion of their event or to do event coverage. Shooting the event sounded like way more fun than actually judging every single car so I obviously chose to do that. This gave me more freedom to roam around and do whatever I wanted to instead of having to look at every single car for the entire day to decide who wins what….

The Chicago car scene presents a very different vibe than that of the community out in the West Coast. That’s really no surprise though. People are just different and as such, the car community is also very unlike anything you’d see in the West or the East. The most common question I was asked throughout the two days when I was in Illinois was “So, what do you think of our scene and how does it compare to California?”…..Ehhh, it’s so hard to compare. I wouldn’t say that it is good or better, it is just “different”. I know that sounds like the most politically-correct answer possible but it’s true. There’s no way to compare them unless it is on a very basic “black and white” level and as you’ll come to understand, nothing is simply black and white. There is so much gray area, especially when it comes to car culture. There’s no “right” way of doing things because it really depends on your roots and how you grew up understanding the tuning community. I will say this however, the cars that are really good in this area are REALLY good and the ones that are bad, are obviously, pretty rough. I think it is the same everywhere though. I guess what people want to know is if the “best” in this area compares to the “best” our West, and I don’t know if I should answer that question because I haven’t been to Chicago or this area in particular long enough to fully understand it. At a quick glance though, I will say that it is all about the details and there are a very select few that I encountered in my brief time there that really grasp the attention-level it takes to have that top-tier level build. There are examples to learn from though if you are a young enthusiast trying to get really involved in the car community in that area. Guys like Ginash from JDM Chicago “get it” and have some of the cleanest cars that I have ever seen. The guy is a real marvel when it comes to creating really clean builds and it got to the point where I honestly felt like I was making his cars dirtier by sitting in them, haha. If that makes sense. Hopefully you guys have had a chance to check out the vlog on YouTube. If not, I’d like for you to take some time to check it out to see what I experienced on my more personal level…

The Offset Kings Showcase event was yet another unique event that is unlike anything you would see on the West Coast. I don’t know if it is obvious to enthusiasts outside of the West, but there is quite a bit of segregation that exists out here when it comes to “car show guys” and “track guys”. So much so that it is pretty difficult to put on an event that houses both. People just wouldn’t show up. Track guys stay at the track and talk shit about car show guys and car show guys stay at their shows and meets and try to make their cars look like track cars, haha… Currently that is what people are doing anyways. In the past it was pretty common to have a race event that featured a car show but it is so rare these days. People have learned to just sort of stay in their own lane and just do what they want. Being at the event in Chicago was a odd experience for me because the Offset Kings Showcase was operated in association with Grid Life, which is a track event series that is quickly growing in popularity out in that area. Not only was there a car show, there was a full time attack event going on and whenever there was downtime, there was even a drifting exhibition. Oh, I should also mention that the entire thing was held within the Autobahn Country Club, which is an incredibly well-maintained, incredibly expensive venue. Like you have to pay $30,000 per year just to be a member there. The track is amazing and usually reserved for exotics driven by rich people so it was bizarre to see modified imports parked on the grass and drift cars sliding off course and eating up the grass. The venue was so nice that I cringed every time I saw a car roll onto the grass because it had rained the night before and the sod was damp. Anytime a car was driving over it and parking there, the grass was surely dead. I don’t know they pulled it off and were allowed to use this venue for basically anything they wanted but you would definitely not see anything like that out here in Cali. Overall, it was a great, eye-opening, experience. Thanks to Ginash and all his friends for the hospitality. I felt like I was right at home out there hanging out with those guys and they did a great job taking care of me while I was there. It is always a pleasure being given the opportunity to see different parts of the world and this experience is one I won’t soon forget. Below are some of the photos that I captured from that day at the Offset Kings Showcase x Gridlife event…
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The Chronicles Vlog #10 takes us all the way to the Midwest and the lovely city of Chicago, IL. I was hired to fly out to Chicago to attend the Offset Kings Showcase which was also in association with the Grid Life event series. This show was unique in that it not only had a car show, but also a time attack segment which included some demo drifting. Events with all three of these elements meshed together is rare out here in California so I was interested to see how it would work in a different city. The venue itself was pretty incredible and was actually a country club that costs members about $30k a year to be a member at. How they were able to lock down this venue for this type of event is crazy to me but it definitely set the stage for something which I had never witnessed before. Continue Reading


You guys saw the Vlog, now here are some of the photos I captured that day. Originally, I didn’t even plan to do a meet or anything but since I just wanted to relax on Sunday during my Seattle trip and we didn’t have anything major going on, I wanted to get some car guys together. So after I shot Wiiizzer’s RSX that Saturday evening, I posted up a little thing on Instagram inviting people out to Alki Beach. It wasn’t going to be big or anything. I really didn’t have expectations for it. The guys that I actually knew and talked to were going to be there to chill anyway so it could have been just their 4-5 cars and it would have been completely fine. I think it could have been bigger since the weather was so nice but it was also Father’s Day so I didn’t want to intrude on people’s plans, especially when it comes to family events. All in all, I was pretty happy with how everything went. A pretty solid group of cars came out and stayed most of the late afternoon. There weren’t any incidents other than a Ford F150 doing a weak ass burnout and some idiot kid in a Neon SRT4 revving up and down the parking lot. It was a good day. The cops even came by and just hung out. Seattle is a great place with a very good group of automotive enthusiasts that put together great cars. I always look forward to going there. Thanks to everybody for the hospitality and coming out to chill. I appreciate the support… Continue Reading