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As many of you know, the annual Wekfest Japan event is coming up in a few short months and the official Pre-Meet took place recently in Osaka, Japan. Normally, the official Pre-Meet takes place the day before the actual event happens but apparently, the Japanese just like to do things differently. There were some familiar …

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What’s up everyone… Here are the rest of the photos from this year’s HKS Custom Car Carnival and Premium Day event. In Part 1, you got to see some of the cars in the Custom Car Carnival but today, we’re going to show you guys some random shots of some of the builds on the …

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The great thing about traveling so much and getting to know enthusiasts all over the world is building a very solid network of friends. I think I’ve done my fair share to help many of the guys from Japan and I’m happy to say that it has always been a very fruitful, and more importantly, …

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