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There Is No Rival, Because There Is No Equal.


The East Coast leg of the Wekfest tour is always an interesting one…. Not so much because there is a ton of change from year to year, it’s actually quite the opposite. The last two years I’ve attended, there wasn’t a whole lot of change in terms of the cars that attended. If I put …

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With so much going on lately, it seems like Wekfest San Jose happened ages ago. I finally managed to find some time to go through the rest of the photos, so I guess now is as good a time as ever to throw them up. As mentioned it Part 1, I didn’t shoot as many …

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Simplify. That’s been a big word for me lately. I think that in the past couple of months, maybe even for much of 2015, I’ve just been trying to do everything. I’ve been cramming so much into my days that it has become quite difficult to keep up with everything. Honestly, I know the photo …

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