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We normally don’t attend the Tokyo Auto Salon event on the third and final day because we had basically already walked the entire show multiple times the previous two days. Sure there is always something we missed or something we should buy but I think with all the madness that came from Days 1 and …

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Hopefully you guys have been keeping up with all the vlogs that I have been posting from my recent trip to Japan. There is still a ton more to come with some great, highly-interesting, content so please take some time to get caught up with that. If you watched the latest one, you’ll note that …

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There is still so much content to go over that I might as well get you guys a Sunday update…The NFL Super Bowl isn’t until next week anyways and being that I’ll be in Hawaii for Wekfest HI towards the end of the week, I really need to start pumping out the new posts. Today, …

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