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Well, this is the last and concluding portion of coverage of Wekfest Florida 2015. It is pretty early in the morning and I’m still at the shop knocking some stuff out before I head home to get some sleep. These photos are pretty much in the same sequence as I shot them early that morning …

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Happy holidays all, hope all of you had a great time with your friends and family. I think most of you should be winding down from the whole holiday fiasco by now so let’s dive right back into the Wekfest Florida 2015 coverage. It turns out that there are actually enough photos to stretch the …

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Wekfest Florida is always an interesting event for me. Normally by December, I’m fully removed from anything car-related and taking a break from all the commotion that happens throughout the year in our bustling car community. It served as a nice little month-long break for me to recover and reflect until Wekfest decided to start doing …

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