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It has been two years since we last saw an update on this build. Many thought it was a lost cause, many thought it was sold, few really knew what was going on with the car, but it’s back….And there is finally light at the end of this 4-year long tunnel. The 2015 SEMA Show …

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I don’t know if it’s been ever stated publicly, but this feature was originally shot for the 2015 Super Street Honda Issue. It was actually the first Honda that I shot that hectic month when I was helping to put the issue together. In the early planning stages, the issue was supposed to consist of …

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Being that the two shared the cover side-by-side for the 2015 Honda Issue, why not post up both sets of exclusive photos back to back?… Most of you have probably read the back story on this entire shoot in the previous post, but if you have not, please take the time to. These photos are …

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