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Well, it’s October. That means by the end of this month (fingers-crossed), the Rywire Integra Type R build will make it’s first official public appearance at the Year 7 event, followed by a trek to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA event. Most of the car is together now in terms of aesthetics but there …

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Just a quick update for you guys to look over for the weekend. I know the previous post was pretty lengthy with extensive video but I think moving forward, it’ll just be easier to squeeze in smaller updates like this to give you guys the most current updates with the build. It is now September …

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It has been two years since we last saw an update on this build. Many thought it was a lost cause, many thought it was sold, few really knew what was going on with the car, but it’s back….And there is finally light at the end of this 4-year long tunnel. The 2015 SEMA Show …

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