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Just a quick update for you guys to look over for the weekend. I know the previous post was pretty lengthy with extensive video but I think moving forward, it’ll just be easier to squeeze in smaller updates like this to give you guys the most current updates with the build. It is now September …

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It has been two years since we last saw an update on this build. Many thought it was a lost cause, many thought it was sold, few really knew what was going on with the car, but it’s back….And there is finally light at the end of this 4-year long tunnel. The 2015 SEMA Show …

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these… For those that don’t know, I’ve collected some images over the years from various car features and events from the past which I’ve kept for my own private archives. I decided to upload them up on the site periodically to pay homage to some of …

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