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Part 3 covers all that happened during the second day of the 2015 SEMA Show. We went a little crazy during Day 1 so we took it easy and showed up late to the event. We had the whole gang together as we continued to tour the Las Vegas Convention Center floors. During our adventures, …

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I really wanted to take a different approach when covering the SEMA Show this year. In the past, it was a bit overwhelming trying to capture all the cool stuff in the many halls of the event so I really wanted to streamline my coverage. Now that we are doing more video than ever, I …

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(There are TWO videos attached below so make sure to watch both of them when you can…) The Chronicles Vlog #17 is the season finale of 2015. I decided to divide the Vlogs into separate seasons so as to not cause confusion in the future when referencing older Vlogs. This will be a good one …

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