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There Is No Rival, Because There Is No Equal.


Part 6 takes place the day after Wekfest Japan. We returned to Osaka and took a day out to recover from the show before heading out to a scenic part of Osaka to shoot a car for a print feature in a U.S. magazine. While there, we came upon a random car meet that was …

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There’s so much going on lately around here that it almost feels like I’ll never have enough time to go through all the content I have for the site. On my desk is stacks and stacks of orders that need to go out and it is about 3 AM now. I spent most of last …

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What’s up all!! Well, it’s a long holiday weekend here in the U.S. so why not get another update up for all to see? I hope, HOPE, that you guys have already gone through the latest Chronicles Vlogs because it will help to shed better light on what exactly went on at Wekfest Japan. With …

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