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Well, this is it…the epic conclusion to our almost two-week long trip to Japan. Tokyo was amazing, Osaka even better, and I look forward to returning in a few months for Wekfest Japan. Hopefully you saw the update last night with the final vlog in this series. If not, I’ve included it at the end …

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As they say, “all good things must come to an end” and we are finally counting down to the end of our Japan trip coverage. It is insane to think back now and think that we did all this stuff within such a short amount of time in Japan (11 Days). After the wild evening …

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“When are you going to post the Kanjo stuff?”… “Where’s the racing footage at?”…. “I want to see Kanjo!”… Uhhh….well, there isn’t any. I never said there would be. I’ve literally even answered questions about it on various social media outlets when asked about it and I wasn’t joking. If you thought there would be, …

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