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Part 3 covers everything that we did at FF Battle 7 this year. Yuta Akaishi was busy pulling double-duty that day driving his own EG as well as the NEMOS-GARAGE K-supercharged EG. We also had other friends competing as well so you get the inside scoop on what happens at FF Battle. This is actually …

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Part 2 is a direct follow-up from our Saturday at Formula D “Final Fight” 2015. After FD ended, we got right back to work and Yuta managed to squeeze in a couple hours to install his transmission into his Civic. FF Battle 7 was in two days time so there was a sense of urgency …

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I don’t know if it’s been ever stated publicly, but this feature was originally shot for the 2015 Super Street Honda Issue. It was actually the first Honda that I shot that hectic month when I was helping to put the issue together. In the early planning stages, the issue was supposed to consist of …

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