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By now, many of you will have been all caught-up on the newest Vlog series covering our trek to Japan. The most recent episode covers one of the many highlights from the trip; the Phaze2 x Autofashion Night Meet, held in the private parking lot of Universal Studios Japan. It was crazy to see so …

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Part 7 of 8 covers the Phaze2 x Autofasion Night Meeting at the Universal Studios Japan parking lot. We set up this meet prior to our trip to Wekfest to celebrate the thriving automotive car community that exists in Osaka, Japan. The show was open to everyone and for cars of all styles and makes. …

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Part 6 takes place the day after Wekfest Japan. We returned to Osaka and took a day out to recover from the show before heading out to a scenic part of Osaka to shoot a car for a print feature in a U.S. magazine. While there, we came upon a random car meet that was …

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