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So in case you didn’t know, the JTuned meet was this past weekend and despite the lack of heavy advertising, the event looked like a huge succes. It was jam packed by the time I got there, which was probably around 12:30 or so. The crowd was so big to the point where adjacent businesses began complaining about the lack of available parking for their customers. What’s good about JTuned meets is that they’re always very diverse so all kinds of cars showed up…

All sorts of people showed up to support the event, some guy even showed up in his weed-themed onesie (See above..haha…)

One of the first cars I spotted when I got there was this silver S2000. I like how even though it has alot of aero modifications on it, the overall package is executed with subtlety. It’s got a silver and green theme to it, which could be disasterous, but the green is pulled off in a tacky way and adds a nice contrast to the exterior….

Also spotted this Fit. You don’t really see too many Fits in red so this one really stands out. I would have gone with different wheels (Just because I’m not a fan of Volk AV’s) but as a whole, it’s a nice little Fit. There’s a rack on it and it actually has something on it, which is rare, considering how racks are becoming more trendy nowadays and people just have racks for no apparent reason. You know who you are too…haha…don’t front. If you got a rack and have nothing to put on it, please, just leave that thing at home. It’s one of those things that are really hit and miss…

Of course I ran into Nasif and his Civic because the guy shows up to everything. Loving the concave TE37’s up front….They’re so wide that Nasif ran over somebody’s pizza that was on the floor and didn’t even notice it until I told him. The wheel swallowed up the box and everything and his tires had cheese and shit all over it….true story, wish I had pics of it….haha….

A big group of Ruckus owners showed up and got prime spots up front at the meet. It’s cool to see people working on these things and doing so many different kinds of modifications to them. I wish I had one, but I only know how to ride bikes laying on the floor because I have terrible balance. If it has less than three wheels on it, I’m on my back, guaranteed….

Had to show you guys a shot of this coupe….damn, nothing so timeless on a Honda as a nice yellow hue and some bronze Mugen MF10’s. So clean….I mean, you look at it and the exterior is basically stock but it had people turning their heads all day long. Rumor has it that the owner sprayed the car himself too….hell of a job….

Sid from Phaze2xDoods! finally decided to bring his DA out. We haven’t seen this thing in a minute and it’s sitting real hard on the new Work XSA’s. Notice the smoked headlights too….

As we were getting ready to leave, the Tjin Edition Fit from SEMA showed up and it looks even better in person. I personally was iffy on the wheel choice but seeing it in person kind of changes my opinion of it…

“FLOSS” from the HBK family showed up on new wheels, I’m not entirely sure what they were…Looked like Euroline SL’s but the EK definitely looked alot harder with the BBS wheels on it….He was also parked on the wrong side of the lot so the ladies at Red Robin were probably looking to tow this thing away….It got bad. It was so packed that they had to announce on the mic to have people move their cars or else the event would be shut down….

“Heymikeyyyy” (4 y’s) and Tina were kind enough to make an appearance. Mikey’s DC should be back real soon with even more stuff done to it. He’s too busy watching Animal Planet and doing coke that he probably forgot that his car is gone….

Here’s a pic of me talking to the homie Dennis from Supastar aka the black guy from Futurama…

Nice stock body NSX I spotted with Work VS-KF’s on it….Super high offset…And yes that is a motorhome in the background…

Also spotted this badboy haha…Looks like something straight outta Max Power magazine or something…haha…or from the future, a very sad future, like an alternate timeline where people just uppercut Pinatas and any taillights that fall out must be molded onto your trunk….oh what a dark day….Speaking of which, I was looking at Max Power the other day because I saw one out of it’s packaging…and you know what? They don’t show naked chicks in there anymore! That’s the only reason anyone ever read that thing. I thought I was gonna see some euroboob but the whole issue, not one boob…not one….

Ooooh Ka-pow! You didn’t think I was gonna leave you guys hanging and not show you the front of this beast. Mustang headlights, fender flares, BMW sidevents…so much win going on that Ojay is about to spit up his Red Robin hamburger and Bob Marley was staring that shit down….haha…

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  1. Dope coverage of the event, thanks for the feedback as well.

  2. Dope coverage of the event, thanks for the feedback as well.

  3. Great meet, sad that I missed that sweet pinata crated headlight/tailight car.

    Who eats at red robin, pshhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Thanks Gene, keep up the good work….

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