Rosewood Royale “BBQ” Meet…

Headed over to the Rosewood Royale meet that Norman from AS1 put together. You notice I put “BBQ” in quotes because their was no barbeque. Not because they flaked on it of course. The Carl’s Jr. in the same lot made it impossible for them to get the permit to have a BBQ on the lot so it was basically just a meet minus the meat. I think that’s what happened anyway. Norman was telling me about it but I was distracted by the heat. It was just way too hot to listen. It probably hit like 90 something today easy….

I kinda had a feeling I wasn’t gonna get to eat anything even if their were a bbq because typically that’s how it works at meets. So May, Ojay, and I went to go get some Dim Sum in the morning. I was still pretty tired because I stayed up until like 6:30am watching the replay of the UFC 97 event. We headed out around 10:30 or so and then grubbed for a bit before heading over to Rosewood…

I’m not gonna lie to you, I really didn’t take that many pics just because it was so fucking hot. Majority of the time I was just trying to find shade while talking to everyone and what not. The pics aren’t great either but that just goes with the norm around here, haha. There were alot of nice S2000s around but they left before I could get anything….

I did however run into Nancee from AS1’s S2000. It’s really coming up and looking better everytime I see it. And that’s not because it has a Chronicles sticker on it. Seriously. The new Regamasters look great on there and it’s an upgrade from the Blitz wheels she had before….

Octo-dad made his appearance and graced us with his presence even when he was busy MCing the event. Gotta give this guy a big round of applause for putting this meet together. I heard all the drama that went on the night before with the meet almost not happening but Norman came through in the clutch and got it going….

The usual suspects were there, Alex from to the left, HeyMitchellStevensennnn on the right….

Phaze2 DA aka HotStuff Sid aka Doods DA….and a couple AS1 vehicles…

Closer look, shittier pic…

The guys who brought out this NSX were taking this shit all seriously. They were like wiping down the car, applying tire shine and putting on vinyl and what not. Wayyy too much for a hot ass day. NSX looks good though. Almost looks kinda like the set-up our guy had before the major makeover. The flat black face and gloss lip on the VS-XX were a very nice touch….

Had to get out of the heat and get some A/C so we hit up the Carl’s JR and got some shakes and shit. Also kicked it with Supastar Timmy and his clean daily Accord wagon on old school Racing Hart C5s….

Afterwards I walked around on my own for a bit and saw Leon Casino’s carb’d CR-X. Norman said that Leon almost beat up a homeless person that morning. Apparently the homeless guy was asking for a cigarette and when he didn’t get one, he went apeshits and starting going off about how “we” (I imagine “we” meaning America and not all homeless people in general) should have got rid of asians a long time ago. I don’t remember what Norman said happened after that but somehow he (Octo-dad) ended up with a busted thumb and a broken watch…

Many of you will remember this hatch because I had a couple pictures of it from the last meet we went to. He had bronze TE37s then and a gigantic “Daily Driven” sticker. He has since removed it and also got some MF10Ls and it looks way better….

I always try to get a shot of this DA everytime I see it. Such a classic look to it. The giant you see behind the car is DC5*Brian aka DC5*Yao Ming’s cousin. Look at that big motherfucker. Always getting in my pictures…

…There he is again…number 11 all day son…dude is like 8’5″ in this picture…

Saw these cats roll up to the meet. Bunch of young kids from what I saw. I thought I’d give them a mention because they straight bit our style by using the Phaze2 color scheme and font for their “crew name”. I wanna say it’s a coincidence but I highly doubt it. They’re crew even starts with a “P”. Almost like they’re the Rota version of Phaze2…maybe “Vorks” even. Like I said, I wanna call coincidence but it’s a little obvious. Maybe if you squint your eyes really hard, you might get us mistaken from afar…congrats on the logo ___________ ________ ….(You didn’t think I would give these guys that much attention right?)….

Anyways…they had a raffle going on at the meet where they were giving the winners t-shirts and even a set of wheels to one lucky winner. I think they were giving out a set of MR5s or something. None of us won the wheels but Ojay with the Element won a Manny Pacuiao t-shirt…

…Shirt probably came straight from Norman’s closet…haha.

Nasif and his Civic…

Nasif’s Civic and some guy who randomly showed up and started taking pictures…

Weird thing happened during the meet. It was hot the whole day and then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind started blowing and it was so strong that it actually pulled a car cover into the sky along with an umbrella. It’s hard to see in the picture but it was like an entire fullsize car cover…

Again, I didn’t get a chance to get every car there because I was making an effort to stay cool and shoot the shit with the homies so the rest of the pics are just of some our cars. Non-Hondas yes but then again I’ve showed you pics of a car cover flying around in the sky too so I might as well show you guys some cars….

That’s a wrap. Overall a good turnout and good meet.

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  1. No complaints on the pics, turned out nice. Est on amount of rides that showed up?
    Oh and needs more CRX :p

  2. Thanks for the link 🙂

    ^I think over 100 cars showed up, but it was more about quality & no bullshit than getting a million cars to show up.

  3. Nice read.

    LoL I like the reference to Rotas for the Phaze2 copy cats haha.

    And what’s Blanka’s guest appearance for this time around?

    • That fool Blanka just comes out to everything. He’s a man of the people…Even though he’s gonna make it big in F&F5, he’s still down to show up to meets and stuff. You know how he do…

  4. “more manny more problems!” LOL i passed that shirt to may’s dad…. he’s a huge fan of his! not saying im not, but hes more the type to wear that shirt alot. good times, good people, quality cars over quantity.

  5. this is for Phaze2, sorry about biting on your style, we feel embarrassed and were gonna change up our shit, we are inspired by you guys to fix up hondas and respect you so once again sorry for the inconvenience

    • Indeed, that was a real stand up thing for you to say EcHo. It’s all good man. Looking forward to see what “PeaceEnvy” is gonna bring out in the future.

      Juan, it was so hot, that tree branch shade was the best we could do haha….

  6. Joe, this was a hella entertaining post… Saying how hot it was and looking for shade… then you go and post up a pic of a couple of guys under a tree that has nothing but branches lol!!

    Interested in knowing what the name of the bootleg crew was.

  7. ECHO, ITS ALL GOOD, Looking forward to ur new sticker Design 🙂

    This was a fun meet to s ee everyone 🙂

  8. NICE! I missed another great meet. 🙁

  9. meet looked like it raped

    also weather is horrible… car is like an oven and outside the car feels like you’re an ant being magnified glassed over the sun very slowly =\ sweat lakes lakes all day

  10. Nice meet and a lot of nice cars i wish we had meets like this in Texas or El Paso. We are to far from big cities 🙁

  11. I just noticed this. Joey’s car is pretty low, but in the picture above his car looks jacked with Mikey’s bB parked right behind it and Tony’s GS in front haha

  12. Seriously, fucking sucks…not low by association…

  13. Yeah well the GS is on air so that’s why it’s slammed compared to Joeys Q. And agreed that Echo that was quite respectable. See you guys at the meets. If I make it out next time. LOL!

  14. more dishes to wash chris?! or more trips to SD? haha!

  15. I don’t know, but I’ll see you in your black tank top at the next meet I’m sure. HAHAHA!

  16. Awesome meet even tho it was hot as hell!!! I got to see a couple of aold friends I hadent seen for a while and waz up with that lil kid winning 20 bux for doind the most push up’s or tried LMAO………..

  17. and can we like STOP FUCKING TAKING PICS OF ME JESUS!!!!

  18. Secret lovers……that’s what you are….. HAHAHA! You two stop squabbling online like that. Now I know who’s calling when Joey’s secret lovers ring tone goes off. LOL!

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