Just two things…

Just got two quick things for you guys today. Evasive Motorsports has a couple of sketches of some new Voltex pieces that are coming soon for the S2000. I can honestly say that I like it alot. Nothing too overboard and the style is strictly Voltex….

The rear diffuser piece looks pretty crazy. The ends of it look more like something that would go on the front. Very interesting. Man I wish I could draw like that. Shoulda stayed in art school…

If they stick to this design, I’m pretty excited to see what it looks like when it comes to fruition. Almost gonna be as exciting as when I head back to SD to get a burrito. Since I moved up here I swear I haven’t been able to find mexican food like back in SD. Don’t get me started on Chipotle either, that shit ain’t mexican food. The tacos are good I’ll admit, but anytime you decide to make a “burrito” that’s 85% rice, it shouldn’t be called a burrito. You know what belongs in a burrito? Uhh… meat…and maybe some uhhh meat, and maybe some cilantro and guacamole. Even fries occcassionally if it’s a California Burrito. Not corn, not beans, not rice. Unless I order a bean corn rice burrito. Anyways, Voltex yeah….can’t wait…

On to the other item of the day…

Ahh….finally, someone’s done it right. Some guy on Honda-Tech came up with the brilliant idea to make sure everyone knows that he’s faking the funk. According to him, from a distance, they look exactly like TE37s but when  you look at it up close, it clearly says “WEAK AS HELL” and “ROTA KNOCKOFFS”….I love it, haha…If you’re gonna rock it, rock it with pride. You got some fake ass shit, make it known….Funny thing is the owner had Work lugnuts on it. Lugnuts almost cost more than the wheels!…

Damn, if anyone has a spare Rota Slipstream laying around, I swear if you send that shit to me, I’ll go and make a Rotamaster Emo out of it and bring that shit with me to shows and shit..haha. Maybe I’ll hang it on my tow hook or some shit and weld a turbo to it….

You’re not down!

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  1. I agree on the whole mexican food ordeal. There just isn’t anything like the Santanas, Albertos, Alibertos, Aribertos, Jilbertos, Rigobertos in San Diego. Of course Santanas takes the cake to me out there. Even the Albertos up here don’t cut it. I guess the meat is more authentic closer to the border. LOL!
    Oh, that sketch makes me want to pick up a s2k and put that kit on it.

  2. those sketches are pretty gnarly. i wish i had enough effort to draw like that.

  3. Mexican food down here in SD is fire just reading what you wrote makes me want to go out and get some food!!!

  4. I think imma start drawing and designing again. I guess I should utilize my natural talent.

  5. alexisthemovie said he has a destroyed Slipstream laying around! hell yah….

  6. Rogelios on college and el cajon has the best carne asada fries.

    I like the rear of the car more. Sucks they’re going to stop making s2k.

  7. Voltex s2k does somehow look exactly like their voltex evo concecpt, check it out



    its got almost the same aero parts on it.. even the same style ^^

    kinda funny

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