Ahh..finally, Eibach week…

Well it’s the time once again….the week of the annual Eibach Meet. Everyone is probably starting to finish up on their cars and some of you may actually just be starting on them and limping all the way to Eibach. You know what I’m working on? Nothing. Haha, I guess that goes with not owning a Honda anymore. I’m trying to get the shirts together by then but I honestly don’t even know if they’re gonna be ready in time. Hopefully so. I’ll do my best to cover as much of the meet as I can and bring you pics of the cars that stick out the most in my eyes. I’m actually pretty excited about just going and looking around this year. Last year it was hot as shit and I really didn’t even feel like looking at the cars. By the looks of the weather lately, it won’t be nearly as bad. We can all hope at least. This week, I’m gonna put up a couple cars that are gonna make a pretty big impact at Eibach and will probably be some of the most talked about Hondas this year. Alot of people will be bringing completely new stuff out so I may miss some of you. If you get offended then come up to me at Eibach and let me know. Then generously buy a sticker and be a happy reader. I don’t have anything major today because I’m at my parents house for Mother’s Day and the computer might be the slowest computer ever. Feels like a 486 processor….remember those? Haha….It’s so slow that if I attempted to play Oregon Trail on it, my whole group would have drowned in the river already and we wouldn’t get a chance to go hunt animals for food. I don’t even know how I used to use this thing but man, it’s unbearable. As I type there’s literally like a second delay so I can’t even see what I’m typing. Anyways, big week for everyone if you’re a true Honda enthusiast! Gonna be interesting to meet alot of you who are from out of state and making the trek down here. If you recognize me then come up and say what’s up. If you’re gonna punch me make sure you let me know beforehand……

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  1. hell you man i’ll be seein’ you there… coming out from Baltimore, Maryland!

  2. oh how exciting! I’m going to make red velvet cupcakes! But only cool people are going to get some. its gonna be hot that day still 92! dammit! Bring out the sunblock!

  3. Okay now i really can’t wait to start my 12hr drive and see what Honda’s your talking about. Hope to say whats up 🙂

  4. Can I punch you first then let you know about it?

  5. Flying in from NJ for the weekend, can’t wait for this event!

  6. Yeah I’m glad I’m not bringing my civic out. Just going to walk around a leave whenever I want this year. Looks like it’s going to be upper 80’s to low 90’s. Shit.

  7. Wow…we’re about to start our journey there..30+ hours.The S2k in the banner is on its way already.I cant wait.

    BTW,I have a chronicles sticker on my cage,and I cant get a good pic of it.Oh well,it’ll be better in person.lol

  8. i hope everyone making the trip down here to so cal have a safe and fun trip!!! see everyone there

  9. See yall there!!
    (Not) 🙁

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