It just keeps gettin’ better…

Figure I’d give you guys something to read on a Father’s Day since you guys are probably gonna be sitting around just hanging out. Went to a Honda Tuning magazine photoshoot today and had a good time just hanging out with the homies…..Make sure to pick up this issue because it’ll definitely be one to collect…

The find the whole fake cloud thing to be a little too mellow dramatic at times and I thought you guys would enjoy Arnel in a dramatic setting haha…

Anyways, man, things just keep moving on the up and up here at The Chronicles… I got some exciting news for you guys that follow this site regularly. First of all, I finally decided to make the jump and kinda separate the design of this site from the rest of the blogs out there and switched to a completely new look. I recently completed it and I can honestly say that I’m very excited about this new look. It’ll give me the opportunity to present coverage and photography in a much better size compared to the smaller images you see here. I’m very fond of this lay-out but I find it just a little too restrictive in terms of image sizing. The new layout will offer bigger pics and a more customized look. Look for the launch of The Chronicles…Version.2 this coming Monday. It’ll change the way you see this place forever….I can’t wait!…

Next week will also bring more exclusive content of Big Mike’s Prelude rebuild. He’s done a ton of work this week since he’s graduated and has more time to mess with the build now. From what I’ve seen, he’s going ALL OUT. So definitely stayed tuned for that…

He sent this over to me before he went out and ordered a shitload of parts. That’s like, what, 5g’s right there? Haha, fuck…Dude is crazy…

…And if that wasn’t enough…I got another HUGE announcement for you. You know I bring you guys the exclusive shit whenever I can. And I got a big announcement for you guys. I brought you the life behind the scenes from the Phaze2 homies, I bring you Big Mike’s build exclusively, and coming real soon, I will be bringing you some more exclusive content from another one of Socal’s heavyhitters. You won’t wanna miss this one. Even I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot this car. It’s a priviledge for me to be able to bring this car to you in FULL detail….

That’s about it for now….Stay tuned for the launch of Version.2!….

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  1. Damn homie version 2, I still need some version 1 stickers. Should have gotten some from you at eibach…

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Just thought i would post a comment as a new follower and reader.. Some good shit in here enjoy the flashback posts especially. Takes me back to when I was 16 just gettin in the scene the body kits the outrageous mods. But man did I feel cool as shit.
    Good writin in it to win it.
    Once I get out of Texas there should be updates on the stable of my sol.
    Good lookin.

  4. Can’t wait for Version 2!!

    Phaze2 is HUGE now, appearing on every site and publication on a regular basis

  5. does Honda Tuning shoot all features the same day? I heard Justin got shot this weekend 😀

    • mine did with Ojay and that guy with the Red s2k was kool 🙂 it started raining and he didnt have a top 🙁

    • does Honda Tuning shoot all features the same day? I heard Justin got shot this weekend

      by Alex Zhao June 21, 2009 at 4:50 pm

      No, but I’m short on time these days, and knowing the weather would be overcast Sat, I wasn’t racing the sun, so I had time to shoot 2 cars back to back. Also, the S2K owner only had a few days before his wheels were shipped out, had to get it done before then.

  6. dude i totally agree about the image sizing. Its such a pain the ass having little pics. i have to see how this is going to play out.

  7. Is the site gonna be down Monday for the switch to version 2 or is quick and painless?? Cant wait for the new version………

    • Should be quick, I don’t know about painless…Gotta see how the old stuff looks after the changeover and work out little bugs here and there….


  9. cant wait for the new version

  10. cant wait for the V2 version…best of luck.

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