Exclusive Content…Big Mike’s Prelude Build…Part 11…

Back with part 11 and yes, the Prelude is indeed painted as I type this but here are some more pics of it prepaint. This is actually right before it went into the spraybooth…

Firewall ready to go…

Here’s a preview shot of the paint….and noooo, it is not gray. I actually cut the color out. Big Mike and I had a long discussion about this and I honestly feel that the paint is so “out there” that you guys might be distracted by it and it’ll take away from the rest of the build. Still up in the air whether or not to reveal the color to everyone or to debut it at Nisei but for now, you guys are just gonna have to wait for it…;)

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  1. Wonder what the color is with that gangsta interior setup!

  2. Orange would distract the hell out of ya, SICK BUILD!

  3. HMMMM…. Somebody is going low low with those modified shock towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You have to let us know the color! Its just part of publicizing a build!

  5. 11 parts in and we can’t even see a wet paint drip. You can’t keep building it up like this or it’ll just be the bad joke from pulp fiction all over again.

  6. soo green w/ envy. can never go wrong w/ ppg :p

  7. Ah Hell… I’m pissed and Excited all at the same time, weird feeling haha!!!

    I’m pissed cuz I was excited about seeing the color haha.
    BUT here’s an FYI fellas… Mike is REALLY good about hiding lil things in his pics… things that will give you clues later. So if you look hard enough, maybe your eye will catch something that Bigz intentionally & strategically placed in the pic. Sneeky Sneeky Bastaddd you!!


  8. i say keep the color on the DL till reveal day. makes it that much more exciting. you can keep the pics in black and white in the mean time as the rest of the build progresses.

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