The road to Nisei…Tony’s neglected NSX…Part 1…

Takin a break from the Big Mike rebuild series to give Big Mike a breather and to hit you guys with some other shit that’s going on. For those of you guys that have been keeping up to date with our group (Phaze2xDoods!/HotStuff International), you’ll probably remember our supercharged Sorcery widebody NSX that hit J’s Gathering a couple years back. Well Tony, the owner, ran into a couple problems with it shortly after that event and the car really hasn’t seen the light since then. We attempted to get the car out to Nisei for the past two years now and it just hasn’t happened. Unfortunately, soon after those events occurred, Tony kinda just lost interest and took a break for awhile from the whole car community. With this possibly being the last Nisei and all though, I kinda got on his ass about getting his car up and running again since it’s always been his goal to make it to Nisei. I think I had to remind this guy to register for the show like fuckin 20 times or so before he finally did it and on top of that, he recently took some pics of his NSX to show me what state it’s in and well uhhh….what….the….fuck…..

Jesus….look at this thing. It turned into a fucking closet. R. Kelly is hiding in that shit. If you didn’t know, which I’m pretty sure you didn’t, the reason the car just sits in the garage is because of a mishap with loading the NSX onto a trailer last year the night before Nisei. To make a long story short, it caught a gap in the trailer ramp and basically tore the whole fuckin front end off. The way the kit is, it’s basically all one piece up front so when the front end got caught, it tore the front fenders in half. I’ve never seen this guy so angry in my life, and I don’t blame the guy, so he basically just parked it in the garage and it’s been a closet ever since…

I hate to say it, but he’s had a string of bad luck the last two years and we’re definitely gonna be keeping a close eye on it this year to make sure nothing happens to it. All we wanna do is get this thing safely out to a show for once because when it did show, it took home awards everytime. It would be a waste for it to just be a storage unit and waste away in a garage. Tony added a bunch of new shit to it last year too and it was truly disappointing to see the accident happen to it. Man everytime I look at the pictures I feel kinda sad haha, what fuckin horrible state for an NSX to be in. I don’t want to say that the guy hates his car because it’s not true. It was his dream car and he adored it, just all the terrible mishaps kinda wore him down you know. Hopefully we can get it on track this year…

Dude, is that a torque wrench sitting on top of your carbon fiber wing? Haha…Starting to make it harder and harder for me to defend your ass….You can’t see me but I’m shaking my head right now. This thing was so ridiculous back in the day….supercharged and water cooled, custom one-off exhaust by L-Con, concave CE28s….man….Anyways, from what Tony tells me, he’s pretty excited about getting this thing running again. He’s finally getting back into the swing of things and assures us that it’ll be ready for Nisei Import Showoff with even more goodies….

Really Tony?…An SC400 bumper just sitting on your car and shit…haha…

Big Mike’s build is of course the priority since he’s completely redoing his whole car but I’ll be checking in from time to time with Tony and updating you guys on the progress of his repairs. It’s not gonna be 2343982 parts like Big Mike’s but I’m excited to see this NSX come back to life. From what Tony tells me, it’s gonna be pretty legit. Everyone just cross your fingers and hope and pray that this thing makes it out to Nisei this year. I’m tired of watching stupid random accidental shit happen to this car and preventing it from getting the spotlight it deserves. Stay tuned everybody….

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  1. Awesome shit man, & you’re doing a fawken Great job of keeping us tuned into this Blog… HUGE fawken props man. Keep the awesome Content coming!


  2. i thought the damages were much worse after hearing what happened last year. glad to see this coming to life once again!

  3. Man your captions are epic. This blog is full of win.

  4. Oh man it’s been a while since I’ve seen this car. So sad to see it that way. Especially the pic of the SC bumper on it. I hope he does get this thing running. I know alot of attention has been paid to his Daily 1st gen GS3. I think it’s time to switch it back to the NSX.

  5. The Phaze2 NSX will always be badass..even with randon shit all over
    Cars to fucking sick…

  6. I remember you rolling with this in your Q45. This thing looked great on the Work S1’s.

    This thing is still badass even if it’s turned into a closet and R. Kelly’s hideaway

  7. damn tony…. please…. get that shit up and running! i miss seeing this beast rolling!!! this is PHAZE2xDOODS’ next biggest thing! *crosses fingers*

  8. Man, these pics reminds me of my E36 – neglected and collecting dust. Great post. Hope to see it running again.

    • Jon I live in your area and have yet to see your E36 rolling around. What happened man? My roommate says his brother knows you and he’s seen the car. Stop neglecting it.
      Well at least say that your E36 hasn’t been turned into a closet. LOL!

  9. the real life of our super cars… storage racks.

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