Exclusive Content…Big Mike’s Prelude Build…Part 15…

Went to the Inline Four “Expo 2009” today. I’ll have pics up tomorrow. I wasn’t impressed I’m sorry to say, but I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. Back with part 15 of Big Mike’s rebuild since he had people calling him today asking when their would be updates….which is a bit puzzling because he doesn’t run this site…but whatever…haha…

As mentioned in a previous post, Big Mike had discovered that his front bumper had more damage to it than previously thought so he actually went out and got ahold of an OEM Honda front bumper. How? I think he went to that gypsy fortune teller machine in the movie “Big” and wished for one….I don’t know….


None of that “Certi-fit” garbage…

Big Mike needs to open up the slot for the JDM fogs so he quickly went to work and started cutting up his brand new OEM bumper…

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave….I guess Big Mike wasn’t very happy with how the engine bay came out after it was painted. He’s a very meticulous guy, as  you should have noticed by now, so he had them repaint it a couple (yes, a couple) more times until it came out to his liking. I’m sure those guys will be very excited when he goes over the rest of the car….haha…

Doors painted inside and out…

Paint came out good huh? Color is nice and crisp haha….

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  1. OEM bumper straight out of the box look weird haha!

    Good shit fellas!!!!!!! keep it coming


  2. I’d laugh if the actual color of the car was this Kaopectate grey that you have there. That’d be shocking so many people. Kinda like getting T-bagged by B.R.U.N.O. on the MTV awards. LOL!

  3. yeah people will actually start thinking the color is grey till they see it in person and won’t even recognize the car. good stuff joe!

    • Saw that…not exactly sure if he was directing that comment at HBK Jon’s car. Michael Garrett is actually that guy from Auto Otaku I believe and I think he would have better sense then to say that. He’s a respected photographer in the industry….

      • Yeah I wasn’t expecting that kind of comments in that blog, but oh well! When I saw that I was looking for rice around the Civic, but couldn’t find any so I assume he was talking about the Civic.

  4. Dammmmmmmmn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can i get that color cIzZoIEd

  5. Most legit prelude build ev4r~!

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