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Busy week but back with more from Big Mike’s Prelude rebuild…Today we get a chance to take a look at the two racing buckets that Big Mike is having color matched on the back side…

Sanding down the seat to smooth everything out before paint…

Primered and ready for paint…

Crappy shot of the bottom of the seat after paint. Obviously you can’t see the color but it’s matched to the exterior of the Prelude…

Big Mike also had them smooth out the hole he cut for the JDM foglights so that it looked OEM-spec as possible…

He also wanted you guys to see that he had the inside of the fenders painted as well. No short-cuts taken in this build….

Back with more later as it comes in…


6 thoughts on “Exclusive Content…Big Mike’s Prelude Build…Part 16…

  1. patiently waiting for the build to be complete…thumb up

  2. Om1kron says:

    good grief. that’s a lot of paint.

  3. KAY says:

    UH OH, I see a leaked color… I SEE BLUE PAINT!!! gotta touch up that photo shop buddy

  4. KAY says:

    or green, all i know its some sort of color in that hue

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Keep guessing haha…

  5. kay says:

    well i cant wait to see the final color… im tired of these black and white pics…

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