International love, mistaken identity, etc…

Am I the only one that thinks that the Dave Matthews band fuckin sucks? Not just like a regular suck, where you go “ehh, shits kinda whack” but like “fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything good from them” kind of suck. I’m usually pretty open about what music I listen to and will listen to basically anything, but you know what? Dave Matthews band kinda sucks. There’s no punchline to that joke, I am just not a fan. If I saw Dave Matthews I’d buy the guy a beer but I sure hope he doesn’t sing me a song or something…Anyways…fuck…

So I’m gonna get back to Big Mike’s rebuild this weekend when he gets me some more stuff. The guy is like cleaning his parts with brand new toothbrushes. I woulda just gone with old toothbrushes that I don’t use anymore but that’s just Big Mike for you. He goes out and buys new toothbrushes to clean his rack and pinion while I’m willing to bet he’s using an old ass tooth brush for his own teeth. Haha. Speaking of Big Mike, I’ve actually had a couple people tell me that they think that when I say “Big Mike”, they think I mean I’m talking about HeyMikeyyyy. I asked them why and they tell me because his name is Mike and he’s big. That’s fucked up first of all. And secondly, Big Mike is not HeyMikeyyyy. I’m sure both parties would be kinda offended by the confusion so to clear the air, they are not the same person. The main difference is that HeyMikeyyyy eats meat and Big Mike is a vegetarian. Yeah, that’s the main difference. They don’t look different or anything…haha…

And for those of you that don’t know, this was Big Mike’s old car circa 2003…

If you were to hop on my time travel machine, which I no longer use by the way, and head back to 2003, you would probably find me in the parking-lot of SDSU sleeping in my car. Sure I was supposed to be in class but I was tired okay? Big Mike on the otherhand, was already doing Big things….no (big) pun intended….crush alot. Huh? This picture was taken back in the day when Extreme Autofest was never good. The only good thing about them was that girls used to get naked and bikini contests were contests of who could get naked first and not “fashion shows”.

Aaaaanyways….I got an email the other day from Takeshi from Type K Autosource in Japan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Type K, they’re basically the equivalent of what importers do here in the US for JDM parts. The USDM scene over there has quite a bit of a cult-following and they’re all about making their cars resemble their US counterparts. Takeshi had purchased a big batch of stickers from me before because people over there were asking for them and he emailed me the other day for even more stuff, including shirts. I guess many of the Japanese enjoy reading The Chronicles and seeing the US west coast Honda community. I wonder if they actually read the stuff I write. If so I wonder if alot of what I say is lost in translation…

Takeshi also told me that he was out here for the Eibach meet earlier this year and he also purchased a USDM Integra Type R while he was out here. He even sent me pics…

The funniest part of his email was when he told me this…

(I) recently finally got USDM ITR infront of my shop. Actually when I visit at EIBACH in MAY, it was trip to buy ITR for me. So I’m very happy to own USDM ITR and she will be safe rest of her life… no one steal ITR anymore in JAPAN.

Fuck, “no one steal ITR anymore”? I didn’t even know they steal Hondas in Japan. Does that shit end up in TJ like the ones here? Haha…I must admit, it’s pretty cool to see a LHD ITR overseas. Better there than here obviously because they definitely still steal ITRs here and at least that ITR entered another country with good intentions.

I need to get some rest so I’ll leave you with a piece that my boy Salem did for me. He told me that he cut this and a couple more awhile back but just never had the chance to show me…

Pretty cool right? Can’t wait to see the other ones…

The homie Loi Song also passed this on to me a couple weeks ago. It’s my first t-shirt model…

This shirt must be comfortable because everytime I see Billy in it, the dude is falling asleep…First at the Eibach meet and now in the car…Haha. I think this was around the time when Loi had him drive the Sportcar Civic from Riverside to the K&N facilities for a portion of the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge. Driving a gutted Civic with no A/C in LA traffic during rush hour in scorching summer heat with a black shirt? No thanks…that’s like listening to Dave Matthews band..Ohhh intro, body, conclusion, guess I didn’t sleep through all my years of college afterall!

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  1. i too question how dave and his mates come up with the music that he does (puff puff maybe), but listening to them from a musical standpoint, not so much lyrics, they are talented! i can see though why you think it’s crap haha. congrats on going international!

  2. “(I) recently finally got USDM ITR infront of my shop. Actually when I visit at EIBACH in MAY, it was trip to buy ITR for me. So I’m very happy to own USDM ITR and she will be safe rest of her life… no one steal ITR anymore in JAPAN.”

    I think he was trying to say that it won’t get stolen anymore since it is in Japan. I’m sure they’re well aware that the Type R gets stolen out here in the USA quite often.
    Lost in translation indeed my friend.

  3. Damn that ITR looks so mint!!!!!! I cant wait till i can Buy one for myself. Takeshi is doing some cool shit in Japan. He seems like a really cool cat man. That is some good shit!!!

  4. ITRs, Silvias, and all the other cars that could be swappable with USDM cars were stolen a lot in Japan for the parts to be sold.

    I guess that phaze is over lol, I’m in Canada and I park my ITR outside and I’m not worried it would get stolen *touch wood*

  5. That ITR is minty fresh!!! LMAO at Billy I will be using this pic to mess with him if you dont mind……..

  6. lol… Another entertaining entry!

    Did Takeshi tell you where his shop is at? Looks like its in the middle of a neighborhood.

  7. thanks for the amazing article as always, big mikes eg was so clean in 03, im happy he upgraded to a BB. when does he plan to have his prelude finished?

  8. because his name is Mike and he’s big. haha LMFAO! :X

  9. i dont worry about my car getting stolen, a hatch that i park by the street sometimes with a window open.

    he should have bought a 97 R lolz.

  10. ^^HAHAHHA

    hey Joey, your buddy RJ told me about your “oldschool” camry back in the day.. post some pics man!! hahah =P

  11. picture a 91 camry with IS300 gunmetal paint, gt-n volks, es250 front clip with motor too (if i remember right…), “SINSEI” front end! wow i cant believe i remembered that front bumper name!! yea show pics i forgot what it looks like. bring back 13 devils!

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