I heard them say “what-bach?”…A commentary about Import Alliance…You can hate me now…

Let me begin by saying this…What I’m about to tell you is not for everyone and many of you may not understand what I’m trying to say. I have alot of “acquaintances” out east and in the mid-west, many of whom I consider to be friends. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet alot of these guys in person during the Eibach meet of this year. Some I’ve met through the internet forums. There a good group of guys, many of whom are very good at building Hondas and very innovative in their own right. This is not for them. The PG+K guys are cool, I love their cars, and they are one of the staples (in my opinion) of the Honda scene outside the west coast. This is not for them.

This is for the guys who are running amock on Honda-Tech and other forums screaming “what-bach?” and others who are trying to swear up and down that Import Alliance shits on the annual Eibach meet. Really? Maybe in sheer numbers….but we’re in the business of “Quality over Quantity”…

I’ll be honest. I was actually somewhat intrigued by the idea of traveling out there to check this out. As a fan of the community and someone who works in the industry, I wanted to go out there. We got alot going on out here lately so it wasn’t the most opportune time to just purchase a plane ticket and fly out. I had been discussing with Mikeyyyy and the rest of our group whether or not to make the trek out there and it was hard to have everyones’ schedules work together to make it happen. When alot of the midwest/east coast heads were out here for Eibach, I had a chance to discuss Import Alliance with them and they all told me the same thing. “It’s definitely a fun event” they said but….but….”there’s no way that the quality of our cars out there can match the number of quality cars out here at an Eibach meet”. I’m not making this up. It was the general consensus of people who have been to both events. There’s no way an Eibach meet can match the sheer numbers of a multi-interstate meet like IA. It wouldn’t be possible. We wouldn’t have anywhere to put them and we’d get shut down for flooding the streets. Hell, that’s practically what’s happening now. IA tops Eibach in the numbers game, there’s no argument there. But the quality ratio speaks for itself. I don’t wanna look at maybe 100 nice cars and then have to comb through 1,500 cars I’ve already seen somewhere else or are imitations of top cars out here. That’s what’s great about the Eibach meet, the numbers are still relatively small and the majority of them, are incredibly detailed builds. “Did he just say imitations of top cars out west?” Yes I did. Motherfuckers are biting. HARD. I would show you the pics but we all know who did what and who’s copying who.

There’s no comparison really, because they’re two very different events. IA has the numbers and is a multi-platform event. Eibach meets bring the quality. Even the top dogs of the east will tell you that. I’ll put money on that statement.

I understand that one of the best parts of the IA meets is the cruise there and the huge caravans. It’s also very cool to have enthusiasts who come from different states to unite at one event to show off their cars. That’s a great thing. Does it dismiss what we do out here? Fuck no. And if that’s your reasoning behind thinking that IA is better than Eibach, you’re fucking dumb.

If you wanna think about it, put it in these terms. Would you rather go to a club where there’s less chicks but they’re all hot or go to a club and have to comb through a bunch of so-so looking girls just to find some hot ones….you see what I’m saying?

Import Alliance better than Eibach? Uhh…”Sorry”. Two very different events…. “What-bach?”….haha…you guys are taking this shit waaaayyy too seriously.

With that put to rest, can someone please tell me why no one can get a full shot of a car at IA? Every picture I’ve seen is like a motor shot, or like, one section of a car, like a fuckin fender or something. Can we get some complete shots please?

A wiseman once said… “You can teach a guy to do a j-swap, but you can’t expect him to make a hood that fits.” Come on guys, someone out there bank on this and fab a hood that fits please? Like a dude walkin’ around with half a cock out…

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  1. lol! Any urls of the “what-bach” threads?

  2. great blog!
    Thank god i didnt go then…….

  3. I think they are two totally different type of events. Since im in NY, From the pics that i’ve seen, eibach definitely has the better turn out. But Also i feel as tho from the pics of the cars from IA is at home garage builds. The cars aren’t as nice but and done up as the eibach meet. At the eibach meet, i see people with money, people who have shop builds… thats just my 2cents

  4. no offense, but you are saying that these guys are taking things seriously….when u are blasting them on your “blog” about how “people post _____ on honda-tech” about someone somewhere in california.

    this is the exact same thing that happened with the FL guy who “called” out phaze2. you are right, the internet is NOT serious. so why are u even justifying eibach or adding to the “meet vs meet” debate. if i come on honda-tech or nwp and be like…OMG cali cars SUCK…. are u going to make a blog post about it proving me “wrong?”.

    the points that you make here are reasonable, and God knows i probably agree with most of it

  5. You’re right. Eibach does have quality over quantity. No one ever said that wasnt true. The guy who said “what-bach” is stupid. I think he said it as a joke and it got taken way out of context. Eibach has its big dogs as does IA. Lets just leave it at that.

  6. im going to have to agree. eibach brings more quality then any other meet ive ever seen. hopefully ill be able to make the drive out there from florida one year and check it out. love cali.

  7. i didnt think this was necessary. you should be thankful for ALL meets! (i wish there was atleast one here in colorado)
    just a reminder, *CALI SHINES WITHOUT BOASTING* & there will ALWAYS be haters when your #1
    stay true sticky dil joe, you guys run this game

  8. Oh please, the whole “what-bach?” comment was made in response to someone calling IA a “Redneck Eibach meet” .

    don’t throw insults if you don’t want any hurled your way in return.

  9. straight up jocking the steez in west! ive noticed it too. but i would like to have seen the cars that you didnt mention.

  10. i’ll go if you go. ahahahaha. plus mickyyyy of course

  11. Im willing to make hoods to fit j-swaps. Hit me up haha.

    Anyways… I live on the east coast. I dont really do honda-tech or any of the big meets out here. H-t is alot of drama and hating back and forth. The big meets here are seriously a 1:20 nice car ratio to bad. Even our one nice car does not have the extensive work you guys out west put out. It seriously blows my mind. Cant wait to come out west next year and chill at Eibach. Maybe ill drive out and show Big Mike the lude haha.

  12. I def. agree I am from Jersey and I get what ur sayin…
    keep it goin and lets get on topic and see some more of BigMikes build lol

  13. I wonder who was saying shit about eibach. I flew in just to attend Eibach and that shiz was dope!! But I agree two totally different events. You guys should of came you guys have a place to stay anytime.

  14. the west coast kills the honda scene!!! always settin a higher nd newer standard with the game.. the midwest nd eastcoast got some legit whips too.. all im saying is eibach is one the best gatherings held yearly.. I’ve heard of import alliance buh can’t say I’ve seen legit coverage of it nd the cars in it..

  15. Its Biggie and 2pac all over again… just with cars lol

  16. We should have a West vs. East meet. Quality>Quantity.

  17. Well, I thought I would post my take on it since I’ve attended the eibach meet 2 years in a row now and I live in nashville about 30 minutes from the event here.

    I really can’t compare the two….their both so different as far as events go. I loved going to eibach, the quality of cars was insane…its something you don’t see out here on the east. And then you have IA…which in just a few years became the largest import meet in the country…thats a big reason you don’t have the quality like you see at eibach..not to mention this meet is an all import meet. Just 2 different events all together. I had crazy fun at both events…IA was special for me this year just because it was the first time I got to bring my car out after 3 years and stayin up 4 days in a row to finish it at 10am saturday morning and rush out there haha. But also to see how much the scene has grown over here..and the quality that is going into the cars as well. We had redline time attack going on around us while being in the infield with tons of stuff going on, is deff alot of stuff to take in and a true enthusiasts kinda meet. The east is still playin catch up in alot of ways, mostly because we don’t have the support in the scene like the west. But things are changing and so are the cars out here. Don’t judge either meet from what people say…you have to be there to experience them. Norman from N1 came out this year to scope out the scene and he told me he was surprised at what he saw, and is deff looking forward to coming next year.

    In the end I support the scene as a whole, this is what we live for, and its what we do. Respect to those who set the standards and started the trends, biters will always be there and so will those who stand out from the rest and do their own thing.

  18. If we wanted to to throw a huge meet I would simply rent California Speedway for a day and do it. We could draw 2,000 – 4,000 cars easily. It would not be difficult at all. That’s not what our “meet” started out as and will not turn in to.


  19. i done drive my 91 accord to show off my knew vorks & seen some perdy nice vtech hondas there we have better meats than you fancy smancy hollywood folk
    “get er done”

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