The Top 10 Hondas of 2008…A retrospective…Part 2…

Back with Part 2 of the retrospective….5 all the way to number 1 of the Top 10…Enjoy….

5. HeyMikeyyyy’s Integra…

What he’s up to now: Ahhh…the internet celebrity himself…Damn, it’s been quite a year for us as a group. Phaze2 has really taken off this year and it’s really cool to see all the hard work come together. Mikeyyyy has been busy doing his business thing and helping guys throughout the country with their dipped/plated parts and wheels. The Integra had a wider set of Jlines than last year and RedZone finally got this thing running right and tuned. Too bad it’s soon to be retired though…It’s going to a new home, new owner, new part of the country in fact. It’s bittersweet. I’m sad to see it go honestly but happy to see that he’s gonna be building something else even better. I don’t really think it’s gonna hit any of us until the car is really gone though but oh well, sometimes we just have to move on….

4. Chase McMaster’s K’d and tucked CRX…

What he’s up to now: Chalk this up on the list of cars that are no longer in one piece anymore. The whole thing was basically parted out and sold separately. Chase recently moved out of California and went back home as well. I don’t really wanna elaborate on why because this isn’t Chase’s blog (he has one I think) and that kind of personal stuff is best left coming from his own mouth. Not really sure what he’s up to nowadays, but the car is long gone by now….I’m sure it won’t be the last time we hear from the guy though….

3. Loi Song and Sportcar Motion’s record-breaking time attack Civic…

What he’s up to now: To sum it up simply….this Civic continued to fuck shit up in the Time Attack series. This thing is a beast, plain and simple. It’s been thoroughly dominant this year and even participated in the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge earlier this year. What’s next is that this car will be even more insane than before. It’s currently over at Robispec getting a full chromoly roll cage in preparation to run in the Unlimited class in future Time Attack classes. Not only that, all the glass is being replaced by lexan as well. When it’s all said and done, the Sportcar Motion Civic will definitely make a huge impact in the series. Loi had originally planned on retiring the car completely and focusing his attention on his new ITR project but I guess he decided to not let a good machine go to waste and just decided to make it even crazier….

2. Salem’s Acura TSX…

What he’s up to now: Not much has really changed on this TSX. It’s refreshing to see that some people like to enjoy their cars even after it’s made a mag and not cash out and sell the car right away like some. Salem hasn’t done much because life has kinda brought him some things that prevented him to do so. I was digging through my old pics and I actually found this picture of Armando aka Coke in a Can standing next to Salem. Seems like only yesterday. I think that’s a bag of chicken wings from Wing Stop in his hand in that picture. Damn what a fun day that was. I’m not really sure if I even posted this up when I put up  all the other pics. This was the last time I got the chance to see Armando before a tragic motorcycle accident took him from us a couple months ago. I had no idea I even took this picture and it just reminds me of how precious life is. One day we’re here and one day we’re not…Rest in Peace Armando Flores Jr…..

1. Donut’s 1992 Honda Civic…

What he’s up to now: The number one Honda on the Chronicles Top 10 of 2008 hasn’t really done much this year. It’s actually been MIA for a while now. Last year it was everywhere and this year it’s been in hiding. I can only assume that he’s redoing some things on the car again. In any case, he deserves all the attention he received and still undoubtedbly the Chronicles number one Honda of 2008. I’m sure it’ll be back and better than ever in 2010….

So that’s it folks. Man, going through these 10 cars is making me anxious to work on this year’s list. It’s definitely gonna be an interesting one…I just hope this year’s list doesn’t have so many cars getting sold or parted out the next year after. Til next time….

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  1. you caught me gawking at mikeyyyy’s bay haha. nice to see updates on all these fine rides!

  2. wow, i didnt notice mando in that picture either until i read the stuff under it.

  3. Can’t wait for top 10 this year. Last year’s car is banananas,congrats to all who maid it *thumpup*

  4. they all look the same except big mikes i hope we can see more of his build!

  5. what wheels are on the sportcar motion?

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