The Creation of the Infamous Rotamaster EMO wheel…Part 1…

For those of you who don’t remember or have not heard of this, please go here for the backstory…So with the JDM vs DTM Import Showoff event coming up at the LA County Fair, I thought it would be a good idea to finally get the ball rolling on this project. I was gonna do this a long time ago but just never got around to it. I remember I was even gonna try to put this together in time for the Eibach meet this year. The wheel that Alexisthemovie gave me has just been sitting in the trunk of my 4Runner the whole time. I didn’t expect to actually get a free Rota wheel when I was asking around for one but it was actually relatively easy to get. Actually not that I think about it, somebody from SDREV was supposed to help me make a t-shirt featuring the Rotamaster wheel and for some reason I never heard from the guy again. This was the original concept of the shirt that the guy came up with….

Pretty cool right? Hell I’d rock that shit all day but I don’t know what happened to the dude who was gonna make them. I might actually get around to making a shirt like this too but I’m not really sure who’d actually wear it other than me. I’d do something similar to that but with “Counterfit” spelled correctly….Anyways, so first thing I gotta do is to re-spray the wheel all one color as it currently is partially gold from some random rattle can test spray. Really shows you how much Rotas are worth when people are using it to test spray paint…haha.

The wheel is clearly fucked up. No doubt about it. Same Rota quality we’ve all grown to love. I swear to you I did nothing to fuck this wheel up. I may have asked for one in the most fucked up condition possible but I definitely did not touch it. Those bends and missing chunks of the wheel were all results of daily driving  and hitting potholes and rocks on the road….I plan on respraying the entire thing so that it’ll end up looking like this…

First thing I gotta do is create the vector for the “EMO” logo and then cut it to the proper sizing. For those of you who have a 16-inch Regamaster EVO on hand. If you could leave a comment with the dimensions of the logo it would be great. Just the one on the spoke is fine. The one around the wheel I guess I’ll have to figure out on my own….I’m actually kinda looking forward to doing this because I’ve been bored as shit lately. Oh well, after I cut the logo today I’ll see what I can do before the weeks end. Stay tuned….I’m gonna have a couple of little touches instore to finally put some value into this wheel….

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  1. I totally get what you are saying I re-stickering is the same as false badging (way to many BMW dudes do this). Not to mention these wheels often fail in ways that seem completely impossible (google PIAA wheel failure for a crazy example).

    That being said… I ended up with a set of A-TECH monoblocks heard of them? I am sure they are a knockoff of something but I have no clue what… I hope they don’t explode.

  2. I’d rock that shit..lmao! More pics and progress please!

  3. I’d rock that shirt. Make it happen!

  4. Do you have an email I can contact you by? I think I can help you out… Thanks

  5. I’d rock the ef out of that shirt man ! Nice rota you got for the free lol . Do you remember the name of the dude from sdrev that was gonna help out with the “emo” shirts cause I know/have met most people from that from the forum
    Fake ass wheels Ftmfl !

  6. Dude, you are so awesome. This is one of the many reasons why I like to follow your blog. LOL!

  7. make me a shirt too joey!! 😀

  8. haha i would rock that shit too, the sad thing about it, ppl will think its an actually brand of wheel where i live lulz

  9. why do you have rotas so much?

  10. hey man, just wondering if you ever found out the dimensions of the rega evo stickers.

    i just got a set in 17″ but its damn near impossible for me to find sellers of stickers that dont cost an arm and a leg.

    just need to dimensions to see if i can find a place to make them up for me.


  11. Shit the shirt is pretty simple to make but it hot those. I rock it! make me one.

  12. i rock that shirt, hit me up if you make some i wanna get one!

  13. agreed…… make that shirt …. many people will buy it… myself included

  14. Kids all across western PA and around the Pittsburgh area seem to love knock off wheels. I for one think they are cheesy disgrace to the originals. it seems like everywhere i go i see a honda sitting on Rota’s and the kid driving always has to try and play them off as works or volks. The worst is when kids dont even know what wheel they have a replica of. MAKE THE SHIRT, I WILL BUY ONE FOR SURE.

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