“I don’t usually like _______ but I really dig your’s….”…Part 2…

Just a small update for you guys. I ended up editing two more of the pics and they came out pretty decent. I also included a pic of the shot in RAW format compared to the finished version, just to give you guys an idea of how it looked when it was shot….Anyways, enjoy. Back with more stuff tomorrow. Status Sean, get at me, dude is lagging…haha…

Larger Version (1200×800)

And this one would probably be my favorite of the bunch….

Larger Version (1200×800)

Widescreen Version (1600×900)

Here is the unedited version side by side….

I saw alot of you guys made comments about the “truck” that was in the reflection. It’s actually a stationary trailer. If I could have moved it I would have, but this was kind of just a random spot we passed by while we were cruising around. There’s actually all kinds of shit around that one spot…haha. If it was an actual truck or automobile I wouldn’t have shot it there. Didn’t think the trailer would even show up in the shot but it did….oh well…woe is me…

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  1. Holy cow bro!!!!! That Editing is amazing? What do you use? I have LR2 and PS CS3… I have no idea how to edit? Any pointers????? Thanks bro..

  2. That box is dialed, and post processing FTW.

    Tim,lots of great post production resources here:http://digital-photography-school.com/post-production

  3. yay shooting in RAW is pretty much a game changer. nice job.

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