Introducing….The Autofashion Integra…

Words/Photos -Joey Lee

So I went down to San Diego last week to go visit my parents and while I was down there I decided to hit up Freddy at Autofashion USA. I haven’t really had a chance to talk to the guy as much as we used to when we did shows together and what not so it was a cool chance to reconnect and also take a closer look at the DC2 that they brought out to NWP a couple weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar, this is the Integra that I was referring to…

Now when you mention “Autofashion”, Integra, or anything Honda for that matter, is not exactly the first thing you associate with them. They’re known more for their luxury-themed VIP projects and when word got around that Freddy and his crew were getting back into Hondas, alot of people began scratching their heads. “Are you sure you wanna do up Hondas again?” they asked. Well…the truth is, the popularity of Hondas has come back full force and they are once again at the forefront of the industry. And seeing all these greats Hondas around definitely inspires one to go back to their roots.

Let me mention one thing before I go on. This Integra is actually one of Autofashion’s employee’s. Freddy is working on a Honda of his own but this one belongs to Bobby. It’s still in it’s early stages, JDM ITR front and rear, ITR interior,  B&G suspension, and 16×8 Work XSAs with a custom finish. Some minor headwork on the GSR motor and an ITR exhaust. The wheels itself make it shine. It’s hard to find XSAs in this sizing and finish, and even harder now that Phaze2 Sid had his set jacked recently. Anyways, on with the pics….Just some quick exterior shots so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like in the daytime instead of the shitty night pics I took at NWP Summer Nights….Enjoy…

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

That’s all for today….

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  1. Congrats Bobby!!! Pics came out sick Joey.

  2. saw this beast at the pursuit lexus meet this past sunday. sorry to hear about sid’s wheels.

  3. I really like the wheels, they pop against the black, and the polished lips actually helps the look.

  4. I am a huge autofasion fan and I am glad they are gettng back into hondas. This dc is def. a nice one!!! Joey I am loving the pics brother!!!!!

  5. Grats Bobby! Pics look awesome, my new wallpaper for the month 😀

  6. freddy n the autofashion gang have always built some sick sick rides.

  7. Joey thanks a lot the pictures turned out amazing!

  8. hottest ITR i’ve seen in a while (well, alongside Sheepy’s :op )
    really impressive/clean work,wheels work perfectly against the black,sooo simple!
    have had Arnels eg6 as wallpaper for months..this has just taken pride of place

  9. Looks Awesome Bobby! Whats next?

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