You know you own(ed) a Honda when…

Ahhh….I swear, everytime the time comes around to renew car registration, it can only mean one thing…time for smog. I mean, sure it only happens every other year, but still…even on the years where I don’t, I still worry about that shit. I’m traumatized.  Just one of those things to comes with once owning a Honda. Man I used to sweat that shit so bad since I had an H-swap in my Accord. Now that I don’t even have the car anymore, I still dread having to smog. The 4Runner that I drive around has like 236k on the odometer and pretty much has never had a major tune-up or anything and still manages to pass smog (barely), so why wouldn’t my Q45 pass? Man, I gotta admit, I was kinda nervous about it. For one, I was nervous about it passing and the other reason, was because I needed to find a smog place that had the rollers on the floor because my car can’t make it up a drive up smog machine. I remember one time I had to raise my car up just to smog that shit and I wasn’t about to do it again now that I have the car at the ride height I want it at. So I called around and found this place on Stanton that does it. Pretty small place with an old vietnamese guy running it. He obviously doesn’t drive lowered cars too often because when he drove my car up for smog, the fucking guy like drove my front lip into his rolling floor jack and I lost a chunk of paint on my Wald lip. I was gonna have a fucking cow about it but I scrape that shit everywhere anyways and I didn’t feel like arguing with a guy who was about to run a smog test on my car so I just let it go. No big deal, the car is white, most people probably wouldn’t even notice. The biggest issue with getting it onto the dyno was the rear lip. My Wald rear lip was meant for a JDM rear bumper and I certainly do not have one of those so when I mounted it, it fit differently then it was originally intended so it hangs alot lower than it should. Well I didn’t want the dude to start doing the 15-25mph test and the big ass rollers on the dyno would being grinding my rear lip away. Luckily everything worked out and it cleared….

You can see in the pic that it’s on the verge of resting on the ramp but it was all good. The only thing left to worry about was actually passing. After he was done, he actually came up to me and said that it’s “very good”. So that means I passed right? I pay the man $50 and I look at the paper and to my surprise…

…it ran SUPER clean. I mean, like zero emmissions clean, haha. Only thing that was even close was the HCs and that’s probably cuz my catalytic converter is all beat up and smashed cuz I drag that thing over speedbumps. My H22 in my old car actually ran pretty clean to but nowhere near this. Guess that’s what’s good about having a completely stock engine minus the axleback exhaust. Everything else was pretty much at zero. Man, it feels good not having to constantly worry about smog or whether or not I gotta do some under the table shit to get my car on the road. Of course this shit was due like, today, and I’ve been procrastinating…..Not that it matters. I drove around for most of the beginning of this year not knowing that I received my sticker and never put it on. Cops just don’t bother with these cars (knock on wood).  Is it more fun? Hell no….I drove an old lady’s car…haha. But I sure love the idea of not having to sweat smog and pay out the ass for that shit to pass…..

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  1. that Q45 is so ballin!
    luckily here in colorado, half our state doesnt even have to do emission testing!
    how do they test for smog and wtf is it?

  2. Lol nice story about looking for a place with rollers in the ground. I’m probably going to have to do that… In Toronto once a car is older than 20 years you don’t have to smog it, doesn’t make sense but that’s how it is.

  3. Maaann I feel you brotha! My lude is currently in that state. I hardly drive it but the inspection sticker is expired. After I did the swap it passed the first two time (in TX you need to get tested every year) but now it doesnt. I recently changed out the ECU to better match the current motor and I’m taking it in next weekend. I’m shitting bricks hoping it passes.
    We’ll see.

  4. I got a new windshield installed 6 months ago and have yet to have new inspection stickers put on. I dont even know when mine is up haha.

  5. I seriously want a car like this… It’s an off like infinity you rarely see.

  6. I feel ya man. When I used to have my Accord I was always nervous about it failing. When I got it back in 03 the charts are alreday high but passable. Due to previous owners that didn’t took care of it. However , it gave me 5 wonderful years of driving from point A to B. This year it failed miserably. The charts are way off high. I did everything to make the car pass but it failed no matter what. So I just junked it. Your test’s are cleaner than my Civic which also had close to zero readings. But I beat you on hydrocarbons haha.

  7. Good stuff man. Here on Guam, we don’t have to worry about crap like that.


  9. that place is right next to manila brakes where beach separates into stanton.

  10. Hey man, I didnt know where to post this, but I was thinking you should make a chronicles banner.
    Just a simple classy banner with some cars it with an html code so people could rep the chronicles on there myspaces ‘n shit.
    I’d put one up.

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