SEMA Anyone?…

So, anyone heading to the 2009 SEMA show this year? I’m actually pretty excited about going this year because it’ll be a first for me. I tried going last year but I think I turned in my credentials too late and I missed out. I also really want to go to Vegas too because I haven’t gone in a hot minute and I always love hanging out over there. As with all the event coverage that’s done here, you know that I’m gonna have comprehensive coverage of the show as well as all the happenings that occur outside. I know alot of people and homies that are going so I’m sure we’ll be out and about on the strip. I usually like going around this time every year because the weather is also a lot nicer than it usually is out there. There’s no Scion party this year apparently and in year’s past, it’s been one of the premier spots to go to during the trip to SEMA. Not really sure what we’re gonna be doing now but it’s no big deal. I haven’t done too much drinking since that time I randomly woke up naked in the shower about 5 years ago. Ah yeah, that was an interesting night….I think. Anyways, I’m still working on some stuff for HT as well as stuff for the site.

For those of you that have purchased shirts from me within the past month or so, you will be receiving emails shortly because I actually ran out of shirts so a lot of you will either want the refund or can stick around and wait for the new shirts to roll in when I find the time to go out and get more printed. I’m pretty excited about the new design that’s coming because the last shirts didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted. Hopefully this time will come out much better with new colors and what not. Stickers are going out this week as well so if you haven’t received those, make sure to stand by your mailbox everyday for 2 hours until you receive them…

Sooo….Vegas, be there. Gonna be good times and fun had by all.

Gonna have host “The Chronicles SEMA Party”…Make sure to RSVP in advance for this mind bottling event…yes mind-bottling. We’re gonna pop bottles and make it rain at the 3rd Daytona USA arcade machine inside Circus Circus. Yeah the 3rd one, not the second one, that’s the one that has the yellowing screen that’s caused by the heat from being between the other two. 3rd one is mint. If there happens to be a kid there playing already, just look for the back-up party at the SNK Arcade machine that has Fatal Fury Special, Metal Slug, and Baseball Stars 2….If you see the one with King of Fighters 96, leave that one alone, that’s the Criss Angel SEMA Party. We can’t go to that one cuz that fool don’t like me. Ever since that one thing with the thing that I did to the other thing…yeah, I don’t know…I need sleep. Later.

In my search of randomness, I discovered the new wheel fitment king….Phaze2 officially relinquishes the crown to this man. Don’t mind the music, I believe it to be some new music from Madonna….

New Wheel Fitment King (Arnel has nothing on this)

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  1. LOLOLOLOL!!! that video just made my morning hahahah

  2. Not even in Vegas yet and he’s already on acid!!! Joey you need sleep bro……

  3. what day is Sema this year in vegas? im want to go and support the chronicles
    and that video is f*cking hilarious! “arnel aint got shit on this guy/ hahahaha
    i love this site!!!

  4. wow..that Impala is sum funny shit..that guy must be from Phaze 7..LOL

  5. have fun in sema! i’m sure you’ll have tons of stories to blog about. at least ones you remember…

  6. i’ll be there for the entire week sir, where are you staying? i’ll be there on monday stay until friday.

  7. Ive been wanting to go to this for a hot minute mybe next year…. 🙂 Have fun!

  8. i’ll be there at SEMA on Wednesday. See you there.

  9. working the Goodguys booth the entire week. M-F
    come see our wickied ’62 Corvette C1RS

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