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So I’ve been using my email account for a good couple years now and today it’s finally nearing it’s 2gig storage limit. It’s also my work email as well so it’s not like I can just get rid of everything all at once. I decide to start going through it from the very beginning and clean it up and free up space and to my surprise, it actually goes back to around early 2005. Yes, I actually sat here and tried to go through emails from about 5 years back…..definitely some interesting car stuff in there….haha… My eyes are shot right now from all the reading and what not so when I get a chance today I’ll upload all the stuff and show you what car life was like from 05 and beyond for my friends and I. Stick around, it’ll be an interesting one…

Here’s a pic from say around late summer of 2005…I think I took this picture because the car had just recently came out of the bodyshop after paint. It wasn’t even close to the state it eventually became. I still had my US front bumper on and tan interior. Headlights were also different too…And yes the Option2 sticker…I loved that shit cuz I actually purchased the mags then. Til the day I sold the car I was rocking an Option2 sticker on my rear bumper. I had like every color ever….haha….

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  1. i still remember the day when you came into cb7tuner with your ride. always loved the paint!

  2. I remember when you got your feature in Honda Tuning with this car. The CB7 guys were all bitching that HT didn’t show any pictures of your stock muffler, wtf?

  3. When your cover issue of HT came out I still had a body kit on my CB7, after I read your article I was like……………..Fuck, my car is nothing compared to this!! Your build rekindled the love I had for my CB and inspired me to continue with it up until the day I sold it…….

  4. DAMN!That is tight!
    I have love for the CB’s but never go around to ever getting one.

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