“Gray skys are gonna clear up…”

Damn, the weather over here has been pretty crazy. I mean by California standards of course. It’s 39 degrees or so at night and it is fucking freezing for us. I know people in the midwest and what not would probably go out shirtless in this kinda weather but we are freezing our asses off. And on top of that, it’s been pouring rain today… So as you all know, my computer took a huge shit so I wake up this morning to some IM’s from HeyMikeyyyy about a guy he knows that fixes computers. First thing I ask of course is if this guy works out of his house or something. Cuz usually that  might be the case when friends suggest this kind of thing to you. Second thing I asked about is if this dude is trustworthy. Last thing I need is some pervert trying to out perv me by watching my porn. Something about a man beating off to the contents of another man’s computer that leaves a unnerving sense of weirdness in my stomach. That and I just don’t like people looking through my shit, period. That’s why I always try to fix my own computers. I’m kinda computer-savvy but with major hardward stuff, I just don’t know. I mean I can take shit apart but do I know what the fuck it does after it’s in pieces? Well, no. So I just want my computer fixed so after 25 more questions about whether dude would look through my computer, Mikeyyyy convinced me to go. He’s like “oh yeah, this guy is some nerd asian guy, he doesn’t do that.” Uhh..What? I think the first guy that would look through a computer for dirty ass porno would be a nerdy asian guy. How do I know? Well I’m definitely not that nerdy, but I am asian and I do enjoy my adult movies. I look through my own computer for dirty shit that I might not even have downloaded, you know what I’m sayin? Mikey swears this guy is legit so I give it a shot. On my way to Pasadena, I’m stuck in traffic like always but the rain stops and I see he biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen in my whole life….

Shit was unreal….So big I almost crashed into that truck in front of me staring at it. It was pretty cool, I have to say. So I get there and drop my computer off for him to take a look at it, and I’ll find out soon what exactly is wrong with it and how much money it’s gonna cost me. The dude does look legit though, exactly like what Mikey said. Entrusting a man with your computer and it’s contents is like trusting a random stranger to drive your car, minus the arthritis and dick sauce. The guy looks legit though, for real, so I guess we’ll see what happens…

Once I get my computer back though, I’m gonna have to start thinking long and hard (aka thinking “stickydiljoe”, get it? haha…ugh..lame) about this Top 10 Hondas of the year business. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it and I’m excited to put it together. I’m even gonna make custom stickers for the winners if they decide to rep it on their cars. Something along the lines of “The Chronicles…Certified Top 10 of 2009” or something. It’ll be cool trust me. I’m artsy like that. I won’t even try to draw it in MS Paint. I have a couple cars in mind, probably enough to fill half the list while some are borderline but I really want you guys to tell me what cars you think should be on the list. Maybe I missed some cars along the way and you can help me refresh my memory. Think of the Hondas you saw this year that came out and took the community by storm. Like really made an impact. Add that with how many appearances they made. I don’t want cars that just showed up once and never appeared again. Also, I don’t want to see anything that’s just been on the web. Like, it was revealed on the web. It’s best that the cars on here were at events and were actually seen by large quantities of people on more than one occasion. So we’re talking

a)Impact on the community this year

b)made appearances throughout the year at events

c)Not based solely on internet pictures

d)And if you’re not familiar with the car, don’t be a fucking asshole and suggest it and talk it up all big and you’ve only seen one picture of it or something. I’m not stupid, entirely. Besides, that’s my job.

e)Don’t suggest your friend’s cars. Seriously…I’m cool with it if you know the guy but don’t start talking about how great the guy’s car is cuz his lip is broken or it’s all beat up and it’s cool because he drives it everywhere. This is the Top 10 Hondas of the Year, not, who’s the most hardcore for driving around and breaking stuff list. You know what, if you break your lip while you drive, you either don’t know how to drive, something unfortunate happened where you hit something or someone, or you should probably just get it fixed.  You know what’s hardcore? Setting yourself on fire and fighting the dragon-looking motherfucker from the Neverending Story movie. That’s pretty hardcore. Driving around slammed and cracking a lip? Ehhh….it should be a given that it happens. Are we clear? I don’t care if the car is driven all over town or parked in the garage. It’s the build and the build quality that matter to me.

So, let’s hear what you guys have to say. I’m an open book. Let me know which Hondas YOU think belong on the list. Leave comments here or post it up on The Chronicles Facebook page.

*There’s a chance it won’t make the list even if you suggest it though, but hey, input is always welcome!!

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  1. hello
    ill keep it short! ive been following your blog for a couple months and always been honda at heart hah being an mr2 guys! my pick would be reynard murucio 90 rhd crx and yes im from winnipeg lol! i know his crx is not in the cali scene but the quality of his build is jus amazing immaculate! i jus loved to see another winnipeg honda make it on your list jus my opinion im not affiliated with either on them reynard or danville>
    thank and keep up the work

  2. hes gonna find so much porn on those drives!

  3. “c)Not based solely on internet pictures”

    All the hottest honda/acuras Ive seen this year are pics from the net…

  4. SCM Civic definitely deserves a spot. Featured in magazines, top contender in many competitions, and its just an all out track monster.

    /SCM nutriding.

    PS. Itd be easy for you to go get more pics of the car anyways.

  5. Obviously Spanky Eg with his low offsets. That car meets your a-e requirements lol. And TJ’s s2000 too. All the others im thinking of dont meet them so i wont bother listing them…

  6. Now that I think about it and from what Ive seen of it on “The Chronicles” I would have to suggest Loi and his Integra… He’s been to shows, and he’s even won a few times on the track!
    Not only is it a great looking car but a great performing car, both of those add up to a quality build to me…

  7. Greg Park’s panda’d Honda Element. It’s relatively new, and not too whored out yet, but that car makes me warm and moist, and he barely got started with it!

  8. i’m gonna be hitting you or mikeyyyy up for that dude who fixes computers. hope yours gets fixed soon to get that top 10 rolling. too much to choose from this year!

  9. Id Like to see Sheepy’s Integra, such a clean car

  10. -DPK david’s EJ
    -HSI Tony’s NSX
    -HSI arnel’s EG
    -Big Mike Edition Prelude (we need to see it more! or more updates maybe =) )
    -Sport Car Motion EG or DC

    and a couple others but i forgot how hard they repped this year

  11. If anything, I can build you an alright computer setup that costs $299.01 from Fry’s LOL. Using the same exact setup that I’m using now. 🙂


  13. wish there were stickers for last years winner. must be nice for 2009.

  14. Sup guys,

    I definitely gotta say that Big Mike’s prelude is definitely gotta be my top pick for 2009. What can I say before Mike told me that he was redoing his car…I thought to myself why the hell is he gonna redo this ride when it was already such a beautiful build. Then it hit me and I realized that just cause something looks perfect in my eyes doesnt mean that owner is 100% happy w/ his ride and at this point I couldnt wait to see what Mike was gonna do w/ this rebuild. I have followed his build since day one and I have seen the car plenty of times in person and man I can go all day seeing all the attention to detail stuff that have been done on this build. Most rebuilds these days are pretty much focused soley to the engine bay but Mike’s rebuild really meant a “rebuild” he totally redid this whole damn car and it’s seriously insane. Going from the attention to detail to his paintjob and making sure every single section of the chasis was painted correctly and making sure no short cuts were taken. Replacing all his moldings w/ brand new ones. His interior job that he did w/ his custom Big Mike edition bandana bucket seats. Making sure every damn interior piece was flawless. I mean the guy even had his freakin door hinges chromed so they would stand out. His custom Vibrant exhaust system w/ was done so damn clean. His custom Kevlar window cowl in the front. The guy even customized a custom RyWire engine harness and made sure that he had BigMike edition labeled on there as well. Going the bay w/ all custom brake lines and dope custom radiator setup. Running that gansta Kinsler ITB setup w/ AEM management. The gansta custom Bisimoto header. And ofcourse to top of his bay he even had a custom etched BigMike edition valve cover! Mike seriously made sure that every freakin area of his car was covered during this rebuild and in my opinion nothing was left out. To me this is what a build is about thinking out the box and making sure every area is covered. This was to me a fully complete build and I gotta Mike mad fukin props.

    • Couldnt agree more. His build covered so much ground in such a short amount of time. Once Bisi finishes up the tune he’ll be ready to rock. I have alot of time invested into this car with his lip, mirrors, and cowl I did for him. Soon to have a kevlar “Big Mike Edition” plate and spark plug cover aswell.

      There wasn’t one place left on this car untouched, his dedication and hard work truly paid off.

  15. S2KJay’s yellow S2000 and Sheepy’s Turbo Teg.

  16. You covered the tear down and build of “BIg Mike’s” prelude, it is only obvious that his car is on the list. Have people forgotten the one off items fabricated for the car, has anybody realized how FEW of the aftermarket parts were left untouched and stock? Only crazy person would take a show stopping build and rip it apart in order to make a NEW and MORE crazy show stopper. The attention to detail is beyond most honda builds. Who else has there own “Edition” of parts?! I don’t need to go down the entire list because it’s pretty obvious.

    Rywire CRX
    JP from DPK
    David DPK

    When more come to mind I’ll mention them, LOL

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