The ongoing Status of Sean…

Just a quick hit for you guys today…seems like Status Sean has finally got around to working on his Integra again. He’s been so busy moving stuff around and organizing things in his new facility that he just hasn’t had much time to touch the car. You guys should be happy to hear that it’s finally off the rotisserie.

I’m sure you guys have grown pretty accustomed to seeing the car on there but yes, he has finally taken it down and began reassembly. What’s been holding him up a bit is waiting for his complete engine harness to arrive. Once that shows up things should be moving at a much faster pace…

If you guys caught a glimpse of some of the older pics, you may have noticed that he had planned to roll on some Desmond Evo Brites but I guess that’s no longer the plan. He sent me these pics of his new wheels and I have to say, I like these a lot more and can’t wait to see them actually on the car and rolling…

Here’s a pic of one of his buddy giving us a glimpse of how it’ll look. Something about the bronze of the TE37s and the khaki color just seems so right….oh man, can’t wait to see more progress on this build, I am every bit as excited as you guys are….

My goal is to get more information and pics from him as soon as I can to update you guys but it’s really up to Sean to get moving on the build. He’s a busy man as usual so I guess we’ll see!….

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  1. are TE37’s the new alteeza tailights? Sure would look sick once done.

  2. awesome! been waiting to see some progress on this, can’t wait to see more!

  3. damn that is sick, i wanna redo my entire chassis and everything too! shiiiit

  4. wheels are gonna look great on it!!!

  5. His still doing the green paint job right?

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