Like an electrical appliance, here’s a plug…

Man, that title was an awful way to bring in the week…

Anyways, I had quite the weekend. I was lucky enough to have some incredibly wonderful people in my life throw me a surprise birthday party this past weekend. Everyone said that my facial reaction didn’t really show that I was surprised but to be honest, I was just completely shocked. No one has ever done this for me and I’ve had such bad memories of past birthdays that this just came completely out of left field. It is such a great thing to know that I have people in my life that care enough to do something so kind. In our lifetime, with so many distractions and things to do, I think sometimes it’s very hard to have these moments. It makes you realize the people that really matter. It’s crazy to think that the only time we get to experience these moments is on a birthday or a funeral. All I can say is thank you so much for everyone that showed up, it really means the world to me and I couldn’t have asked for better people in my life. Things have taken such a positive turn this year and I am so looking forward to the rest of it. On that note, I have a HUGE announcement for you guys coming very soon. I am working out the details right now but it’s going to give me an opportunity to see our community in a completely different light. I’m stoked to have the opportunity to do this and if all goes well, man, I don’t even know…shits gonna be awesome.

I’m also terribly busy this week. I think I have some magazine work coming to me and at the end of the week is Wek’Fest, an event that I’ve been waiting for since the last Wek’Fest. I love going to Norcal with my friends and being able to experience the city as well as meet many of you at the show itself. It is going to be a blast and as much as I have to do before that, it will all be worth it when I’m chillin up in Northern California. I’ve been cutting vinyl stickers like crazy just to catch up with all the orders from the store and a majority of my time will be spent this week helping the homies out with their roll calls and sponsor decals for their cars. Good thing my office, vinyl workshop, and bedroom are all one unit…at least I’ll be able to get some rest occassionally.

Before I get back to work, I just want to make sure you guys keep an eye out for the latest issue of Honda Tuning Magazine. They don’t pay me to say this because frankly, they have money invested in more important things. I’m just giving you guys a heads up because Reynard Mauricio’s CR-X is on the cover and the feature came out great. If you aren’t familiar with the history between Reynard and The Chronicles, it all started back in the 2008 Top Ten Hondas List. Chase’s CR-X at the time made the list and Canadians were brewing up a shit storm when they found out. They felt that Reynard’s CR-X was much more deserving. The only problem is, I had barely or never even heard of the guy because he’s up in Canada and generally keeps to himself. He’s not the type to throw himself out there and just whore himself out. Well when I found out about this Reynard, I sent a message to the Canadians to show me pictures of it. If it wasn’t better than I told them I would disown Canada and replace another Canadian on the list, Danville Dingel, with a wooden helicopter or something. It was all bad, these guys were so angry. It was a joke afterall but man, they don’t take jokes very well up there. In the end though, I must say, these guys kinda ate me eat my words. I can’t say it’s better than Chase’s CR-X at the time, because Chase met all my criterias for the list and Reynard was a relative unknown to me, but Reynard’s CR-X is fucking amazing. It’s one of the best builds I have ever had a chance to see and definitely up there with some of the best CR-Xs of all time.

All bullshit aside, check out the magazine this month, it is definitely worth the buy… I’m saying this mainly because I want the community to see this thing and witness the caliber of builds all over the continent…He’s a great embassador for the Canadian Honda community, even if he doesn’t know it. That car is CR-X perfection.

I’m totally gonna plug myself right now too, you knew it was coming. My particular work for this month in the magazine is none other than Morgan’s Civic Type R. We don’t see enough great female builds these days and her car is definitely a heater. The CTR looks great and makes legitimate power as well. Read all about how she came to building the CTR and her story on how much she loves coffee and stuff like that. She’s also got a blog as well so if you guys want to head over there, you can see her talk about the feature and her opinions on everything else car related… She’s a big supporter of what I do here so I gotta give it up to her as well for building a great car…

Make sure to buy it, don’t just pick that shit up and put it down. Chances are you’re gonna put it back down in the wrong spot and the guy at 7-11 is gonna be pissed off about it and wipe his dick on the hot dog buns or something, I don’t know. Just buy the fucking thing. You got money to spend. Look at all the wonderful things that will happen if you buy the magazine: good read, great pictures, you’ll put food on my table, you can show all your friends, you can shit and read, you can learn valuable information, and JO material if you like putting things in exhaust tips. Bad? Uhh, you’re gonna disrupt the entire magazine rack by placing it in the wrong spot, 7-11 employee will be pissed, people are gonna eat hot dogs that have had dick on them because of said employee, you won’t learn shit, and you won’t have  bathroom reading material. Help the world by purchasing magazines. It’s the last great thing we have in our lives. When you get old and look back on your life, the one positive motivating force in your life will undoubtedbly be magazines.

Good day folks.

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  1. one of the best crx’s ever!!!! congrats on the cover. well deserved

  2. good stuff as always. i’m waiting for the report on the 1ds mk3 , 1d mk4 and 5d mk2 on my desk by tomrorow please lol

  3. Happy Belated Birthday homie!

  4. pretty cool looking car, happy bday man

  5. Awesome. Hopefully H-T does more features on “foreign” cars 🙂

  6. Reynard’s car finally got the attention it deserves! This guy truly does it for the love of Hondas, he does this for himself, not to get publicity

  7. Its been a while since a crx made it to the cover cant wait looks down

  8. thanx for the kind words joey :thumbsup: and Happy Belated!

  9. I fucking fell down laughing when you wrote about the 7-11 guy wiping his dick on Hot Dog Buns, LOL.

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