This is cool…

Busy working on some actual work stuff but here’s something for you guys to look at. You’ve all seen the shitty Wek’Fest coverage I posted up, now watch a video of how the actual event was. The video came out so good that it makes me wish I was at Wek’Fest and I was actually fucking there! Awesome stuff…It’s from Studio Mountain and the link takes you to Vimeo. Other than that I don’t have anymore information on it. I don’t know why you would need anymore info anyway…Don’t mind the Transformers music, I know how Linkin Park makes you all want to go yell at your parents and hide in a bathroom for hours while you cry and write poetry but it’s okay, it’s just a song….

Just watch already…

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  1. gonna check this vid soon, good job on the wekfest coverage! good seeing you and everyone again.

  2. Great video. Lost of… eye candy for different strokes(that doesn’t sound right)

    Is that you at 1:40? behind the girl?

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