IA 2010 bound?…

Totally possible. I haven’t really ironed out the details with Don Napier but at this point, I can officially say that we are tentatively scheduled to appear at Import Alliance 2010. When I say “we”, I mean The Chronicles, Phaze2, possibly Big Mike, and who knows, maybe some other surprise guests. I’m sure you guys have heard some rumors that it might happen and Mikeyyyy has mentioned it on the NWP forums as well as Sean Bradford. We’ve discussed the details and I’m actually pretty excited to see what the east/midwest has to offer. If we bring any Phaze2 cars out is still up to debate. We’re aren’t exactly filthy rich and can trailer each car out there but there’s a chance we can work out a deal on an auto transport or something. Time will tell. Maybe bring the infamous Phaze2 EG out there along with the NSX or something, possibly throw in the TSX with the full J’s Racing makeover….anything is possible. With the success of Wek’Fest and guys from the other end of the coast coming out as well as all the guys that came out to Eibach last year, we’ve become a bit inspired. Import Alliance is possibly the biggest automotive/Honda gathering out there and I think it’s a good idea that we at least experience it once. Depending on how our experience goes, who knows what will happen in the future. More details to come as they follow….Don Napier, facebook, hit me up…let’s do this.

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  1. i love it! helping us bridge the gap!

  2. do ittttt, you won’t! 😀

  3. We came to you, now its time you guys come to us. We will be driving back out to Eibach again so bring some cars with ya!

  4. IA 2010, I want to go too!!!

  5. IA 2010, I want to go too!!!

    (pancake’s ride,-EG- is sick!!!)

  6. Word! Would love to see these cars out east. Using my picture too, love it!

  7. I think that I will be flying out there as well Joe! A couple of guys from down here keep talking about it, and it looks like this is the year to go. DO IT! Plus I hear the parties are pretty wild.

  8. I flew out to Eibach last year from NJ and will be doing it again this year…

    And I’ll definitely be at Import Alliance again this year and would love to see some of you guys make the trips out cars or not!

  9. It’s going to be pretty exciting!!!

  10. Ill prob be going to IA 2010. Too bad I live so far. I would have let all of you crash at my house haha.

  11. Where is Import Alliance Joey. Maybe another little road trip is in line but this time I wonmt come up and leave the same day

  12. I’m trekking to Import Alliance from NY are there any popular hotels where the parties happen so i can make reservations in advance?

  13. Hey! thanks for using my car 🙂 you should all come to IA, it was a blast and bring your cars!

  14. French, the La Quinta is usually the most popular.

    However, it would be dope to see the major west coast guys come out. Help kill the east v west bullshit

  15. Damn , I won’t mind driving out for IA 2010 ! From the coverage ive seen from last year, it looks like it would be well worth the trip/drive from Sd .

  16. I saw this on Facebook. I guarantee that if Phase 2 came out to IA they would want to keep coming back every year. Not only is the meet itself really enjoyable, but the hospitality and night life is beyond amazing. Every single person that I have brought along wants to keep coming back. IA just keeps getting better and better every year! I would love to see some West cost cars at IA10.. Make this happen!

  17. I really look forward to seeing you guys and the cars in person! Here around springfield, there are SO few good import builds. Hell, a good mini-truck or old-car build is even pretty rare to see. All of the attention to detail you guys build with has been an inspiration for my own build with my cb7 that will also be at IA.

  18. Man….i would definitely make the drive up from FL if you guys make the trip!!! Do it!!

  19. Question is, if/when them Cali boys come out to the east, bringing their trailer queens, will they trailer them here too?? Lol sorry boys we drive our cars on the east!

  20. what makes u think the cars out west are trailer queens?

  21. LOL at the el oh el, so in Cali do you really think we trailer our cars everywhere we go? Riiiiiight… I have a scenario , “Hey I’ll be back, I have to pick up some toilet paper from the store. Can you move your car because I have to put my ride on the trailer and trail it to Safeway”

  22. That’s weird, I just read a feature on a big time East coast car that didn’t run, but had to be pushed into IA, then pushed around for the shoot. Are you “sorry” about that one too boy?

    See how I did that? I took one person, and made them into the entire East coast. That’s called being a narrow minded schmuck. I can teach anyone.

  23. Lol that was a joke too douchebag! Cars that don’t run being featured. Hey Rodrigo you mad lol!

  24. Why would I be mad?

  25. Children, play nice! lol

  26. Can’t really sweat it, the guy ain’t even man enough and has to post under a fake alias…

  27. Trailer? cars are meant to be driven dude.

  28. LoL @ yall expecting them to drive the Phaze2 eg and the NSX.

  29. I think it will be pretty cool to have a little rivalry going. I am redoing my NSX and now I have reason to even outdo my previous plans if you bring that NSX. Also, sometimes its just simple and easy to trailer a car long distance. why risk wrecking or rock chips when you have trailer handy. once its in nashville though you gotta drive it around

  30. I’m definitely going to IA for 2010 to see if The Chronicles and Phaze2 coming. lol.

  31. The comments started off so nicely and have started to decline in maturity at a fairly rapid rate. C’mon fellas, there are other things in life to concern yourself with rather than if/how we are bringing cars out to Import Alliance. Cars or no cars, it is starting to look like we will be there to kick it and check out this event.

  32. WILL BE THERE NO DOUBT, DONT WORRY ABOUT US getting there all the way from cali, i would love for you to come over when we get there and talk shit to me in person thank you :)!!!!

    Will be there inside so it wont be hard for you to find us, where the Cars that have the BIG crowds around it!!!

  33. Can’t wait!!! Mikeyyyy you have my number homie so hit me up. see y’all at Eibach again!!!

  34. oh….. can i park with the Phaze2 cars? ; )

  35. Of course they’re going to trailer their cars. Why would you want to put almost 6000 miles on a car in 2 weeks. Thats ridiculous.

    Im in PA so I might just fly down for a couple days if I can afford another trip. Im already flying out for Eibach.

  36. Don has had 30+ friend requests since you posted this! Hahaha….


  37. Who cares about some eastcoast/westcoast bullshit, everyone should be coming to ia to have a good time, see some nice cars and party. Who cares if your car is trailored or driven… as long as you get it there that’s all that should matter. I don’t know about most people but the reason i go to import alliance is to meet all the people on the websites who i talk to everday but never met. To be able to check out all of the cars is a bonus. With that being said i hope all the cali dudes make the trip and have a good time and i will be back this year for the third time

  38. Hey guys….I’m one of the owners of ImportAlliance. Let me first say that we would love for the guys from out west to come to the meet. I think that both sides of the country offer some distinct styling differences. I know that the East v. West coast thing gets everybody all geeked up and talking (most of it in fun), but at core, most of us are just car guys and girls. I’d love to see the West coast folks come out mostly because I wanna see their cars and want their cars to be seen on this side of the world. Just like I want our cars seen on their side of the world. I Gotta make a trip out that way.

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