When it comes down to it…

It’s funny what people will say when they’re behind a computer screen. Even funnier when they post under a fake alias when in reality, people wouldn’t know who they are anyways. I normally don’t care about people who post dumbass comments on this site because I would probably just delete it and move on. When I read the comment that has caught some steam apparently throughout our circles, I decided to leave it up so people could respond. The comment that we’re discussing today was made by anonymous user “el oh el”…

“Question is, if/when them Cali boys come out to the east, bringing their trailer queens, will they trailer them here too?? Lol sorry boys we drive our cars on the east!”

Hilarious. I don’t know, I kinda built my car as a hobby and for myself, I don’t build it to show how hardcore I am by driving across country, you catch my drift? I mean, if you drive your car, hell more credit to you. We drive our cars too, but we don’t drive them to be hardcore or to show people that we like to drive long distances, that’s fucking absurd. You know what’s hardcore? If you could like, fuck 16 bitches and you could keep your dick hard enough to like nut in each one of their faces…that’s hardcore. If you could jump out of a fucking burning building with a newborn in your hand while you eat a sandwich that doesn’t have the toothpick inbetween it to hold it together…that, is hardcore. Building your cars to drive them long distances? Ehh, it’s not that cool. I mean, if you do that, alright, round of applause, but you’re not gonna win a fuckin medal for it right? The point is this; we’ve all at one point built a Honda or another project car and driven it everywhere. To work, to meet up with friends, to take on trips, etc… we don’t drive our cars everywhere now, because well, we don’t have to. Do you get it? It’s more self-preservation than anything. I think I can speak for all the guys in our group and say that we are at a point in our lives where we have the ability and income to drive other cars, and to preserve our hardwork in garages. I’m guessing whoever the guy who made the comment (who lives in Jersey or the Tri-state area by the way) is a younger cat who is in their late teens to early 20s, got a somewhat okay income, building his first car. “sorry boys we drive our cars on the east”……Uhh…sorry young buck, we don’t drive our cars cross-country because we don’t have to. Now if you think that makes you anymore of a man or a cool guy than us, well fuck, congratulations. We love driving our cars…we also love that fact that we don’t have to sit in them for however many hours with our buttholes clinched worrying about whether a fucking animal or some debris is gonna fly at us and ruin our hardwork. If we make the trek to Import Alliance, you better believe we’re gonna come correct and not bring some damaged shit.

The original plan was to come out to IA just to check it out you know. I’ve become more of a fan of the entire community than the cars itself. I want to be able to say that I’ve been to both coasts and I’ve seen what both have to offer. I could give a fuck less if you drove your car out there or not. Seriously, I don’t give a shit. People act like we’ve never driven together or caravan’d together long distance to attend an event. We’ve done all that. That shit ain’t that fun. If I have the opportunity to transport it out there while my ass sits comfortably on an airplane, why wouldn’t I do that? Bringing the cars was just an added plus. When we originally set out to go, bringing the cars out was the last thing on our minds. When the thought came up to do so, driving out never crossed our minds. Stunna Ben attempted the trip out to Eibach and he hit a fucking deer or some shit half way and his car got fucked up. PG+K guys did it (which I can say was very cool of them to do so) but BonB fucked his motor up when he hit Cali and had to get a last minute repair done the night before Eibach. He also spent a chunk of change to fix it to, which I guess makes him hardcore because he had to spend lots of money he could have used on something else. Many others have done so and run into problems. Why would we possibly risk an occurence like that when we could easily transport out to Nashville? Just doesn’t make sense to do so. Rotten Egg says he’s planning on driving out, I’ve met him, you know what? I don’t really wanna drive across country with the guy. He’s not a bad guy, I’m just saying… Ryan aka Rywire is driving out to Niagara Falls and then to IA, that doesn’t sound fun at all! He drives everywhere so that’s his peragotive.

When it comes down to it, why does it matter how we get our cars out there? Isn’t it more important that we’re taking the time to go out there to experience the community as others out there do? Shit is fucking stupid. Who cares if you drive your cars wherever the hell you’re from. I had more important stuff floating around in my stool in the toilet this afternoon that mattered to me more than that. The people that talk the most about dumb shit like that, often times tend to be the people that matter the least. That’s what I’ve come to realize from internet forums and blogs and what not. They probably have failed to build anything noteworthy as well. That’s why they hide behind fake alias and post anonymously.

James from Wek’Sos said it best on Facebook…

“Thats such BS. We had cars from Kentucky and Canada that came out for wek’fest. None of us cared if they were towed or if they drove. People should just be happy that others are willing to journey so far to attend their events.”

BonB from the east, Chris Sullivan, Sean Bradford, Stunna Ben Howard, etc…have all made it out to the west to experience what’s out here and have nothing but positive things to say. We took them in as our own and showed them everything we could in the short time they were here and they have a better understanding of the entire Honda community because of it. We don’t expect the same treatment, we don’t even expect to be overwhelmingly surprised by what’s out there, but we’re always down to give it a shot. It would be an honor for us to go out there and see what a lot of our friends from out east/midwest have been raving about. It shouldn’t be a discussion of west vs. east. If anything it should unite us all as one and to end all discussion like that.

There are gonna be thousands upon thousands of people there at IA having a blast. Number of people who give a shit whether or not you drove your car or not? Uhhh…ZERO.

Have fun driving to Import Alliance. We’ll see you there, remember to come say what’s up to us too, we wanna hear all about your trip.

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  1. well said brotha :thumbup:

  2. Don’t let the voice of one or two negative people taint the atmosphere. I’d love more people from out west to come to IA 2010 – doesn’t matter if your driving, trailering, or flying!


  3. def dont let people ruin it for you guys. if you come out, there will be people happy to see you out here. i just hope you guys come deep man, thats my only thing. i know you guys have some people that have really wanted to come out for the past few years. danny from norcal, loi loi, morgan, shagday, i can keep going man. but thats just my people right there, i know theres many more too.

    keep the posts and blogs coming, and keep the haters typing. it increases hits.

  4. Last long distance meet I went to was in the Midwest (I’m in the Northwest). I was a broke hoe and did not bring my car (cheaper to fly). I showed up and hung out with the group for three days. Not one person cared that I flew or didn’t bring my car, they were just amazed I came.
    We all had a great time.

    Fuck the haters.

  5. Well said man. Just because you don’t want to drive your car some absurd distance does not make it a trailer queen.

    Nothing sucks more than dealing with an out of town breakdown, ticket, or theft. Kills the whole event vibe.

  6. Good shit Joey, you said it!

  7. Wow, is all i have to say at whoever made that comment. I’m from the east coast, and that just makes us look bad. Stupid bullshit of west vs. East. It should be exactly as you worded it, we should becoming together as a community just to see how the honda community is on the west and east coast. Giving each other ideas, not act to be a jackass or dick measuring contest. stickydiljoe- couldn’t have worded it better myself. Look forward to seeing and meeting you guys.

  8. This is why I’m over the whole “car forum scene”. People care SO MUCH about the stupidest shit. It’s like people in the Honda seen these days are so wrapped up in trying to prove something to everyone, like “prove” they “track” their cars, “prove” they actually drive their cars THAT slammed, “prove” they drove across the country. I could care less if you guys bring the damn cars or not, I’m just glad to see you are coming out period. I’ve been out to Eibach for the past 3 years, and I’ve flown out every time. Sure, the meet is cool, but after about an hour of seeing cars that I’ve already seen online a million times, I’m over it and just like to catch up with the people I hadn’t seen since the year before.
    Import Alliance…It’s honestly not even about the cars for me, because I’m over the whole popularity contest that the shit has turned into..it’s about being able to meet up with people from other states that I keep in touch with but only get to see once or twice a year. Last year Rhett flew in for IA and had a blast…and it was cool to just kick it with him, go downtown with everyone, party at the hotels, etc…the car shit was secondary. If I was you guys, I’d say fuck paying to ship the cars. Spend that money on a first class plane ticket and come out here to experience the different lifestyle, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and just have a good fucking time in an awesome city on the other side of the country. – Tony

  9. Fuck ’em Joey. Im from the east coast and I couldn’t give a shit how you guys choose to bring your cars out, I am just excited that you guys are planning to bring the cars in the first place! I think “el oh el” is ass chapped because he doesnt have the means to trailer his car to IA. So again I say, fuck ’em!

  10. That guy should be lucky we would even consider using our vacation time to go there! Its going to be hot and muggy…Psshhhhhh DEEEZNUTS! hahhaha

  11. i love hearing crap like this, just to see what you’ll say about it haha. good ish mang!

  12. It’s 85 degrees today. Well heck, it’s been like that forever. I think I’m going to grab some In and Out…

  13. I seriously want to see what East Coast has to offer at IA this year…otherwise it’s just another import show.

  14. this is funny that someone would even say that…i would have said your damn right I’m tailoring my car, if I even bring it..hell I even considered tailoring my car last year and I’m on the GA/FL border.

  15. I agree it doesn’t really matter, but driving the car you built to enjoy is what it’s all about, whether or not you want to ship it or not.

    But would S2k Jay have got a Honda Tuning feature is he didn’t drive so much?

    • exactly, them Cali cars are weaksauce, if you gotta bitch and moan about driving your econoshitbox Honda as if the paint will flake off while you drive, then stay on that side.

      you look at all the “local” Cali meets, and 8 out of 10 cars are being rolled off of trailers, much respect to Spanky from Phaze2 because I’ve seen countless pictures of his sick EG on the road driving to and from meets.

      say what you like, but true automotive enthusiasm begins with DRIVING YOUR OWN DAMN CAR.

      ps: looks like I pissed someone off =)

  16. I chose Jay’s car myself, and couldn’t care less if he put 100 miles on it, or 100,000 miles. He knows how to build a nice car that covers all the bases, he more than earned a feature in HT. If he hadn’t brought it out to Eibach and had Sean Bradford shoot it, I would have assigned it to Sean once Jay returned back to the East coast, so either way, he was going to be in there.

  17. Alright. I was just wondering because his feature was named Traveling Man. But he got the feature not because he had driven all over, but because of the car itself. Regardless it’s a sick car, and has progressed great since his feature

  18. I’ve always wondered why people on the net think you have to drive a show car all over the place. Nobody will make a dude with a channeled and chopped ’54 Merc on bags drive it cross country to a show, but when it comes to a ’95 Civic on bags, suddenly it has to be daily driven everywhere to prove something to someone.

    In the end, it just boils down to people building their car for different reasons and purposes. This is great, it lends some variety to the scene. And then you get the combination of pomposity and bigotry, and according to some Internet Knowitall, suddenly everyone should follow a particular train of thought (slammed, flush, functional, SpoCom, daily driven, taken to the track, etc).

    IMO, the fact that people on the east coast even get to SEE the Phaze2 cars is enough of an honor. Who really gives a flying fuck how the cars get there? “Man this car is insanely clean and meticulously built, but I just can’t enjoy it because he didn’t drive it here.” It’s a car show, not a commuter meetup. Is there gonna be a trophy for highest odometer reading or something?

    • I don’t wanna be part of this argument about east vs west, or Joey and his buddies vs IA or whatever, I have no opinion on this – but a lot of those traditional hot rod shows don’t let trailered cars in unless they’re incomplete and driving your car is a huge part of that culture. People definitely care.

      • My friend brought two cars to last years IA. He had some one drive a truck with a trailer and then drove his four door as well. We traveled in a pretty large caravan and
        it is a good thing the truck and trailer came down. On the last day in Nashville someone’s Integra’s transmission case busted open. Jon was a good enough guy to take his car off the trailer and let the broken car get towed back to Ohio with the trailer.

        If you have the resources – go ahead and use them.

      • Sure, I know about Billetproof and a few others like them. Those shows specifically make a point out of the non trailer queen, no billet used, etc. Comparing those type of shows to IA and Wekfest is comparing apples with orange flavored candy, since IA et al don’t have specific rules on what can enter or how you’re supposed to get there. I’ve been to plenty of local hot rod shows, and the variety is what makes it exciting. From impractical rat rods to impractical show cars (trailer queens) to daily driven rods to original unrestored, you can see it all. And no one cares how you got there.

  19. “Alright. I was just wondering because his feature was named Traveling Man. But he got the feature not because he had driven all over, but because of the car itself. Regardless it’s a sick car, and has progressed great since his feature”

    Yeah, I figured it would be a good angle, but I had been eyeing it for quite awhile. His rebuild is just sick, hoping we can get it back into the mag this year.

  20. Couldnt agree more with the original story. if you have the advantage of shipping your pride and joy in one piece to a show, respect. If you wanna drive cuz you want to enjoy the drive, respect. Why judge people on how they transport their cars, thats not what were in it for. At least thats the way i see it.

  21. Don’t forget that same year that Stunna Ben hit the deer… Redzone Jeremy, Wayne etc.. had issues coming down to Socal for eibach and had to swap a transmission off I-5 and then on the way back his brand new chargespeed lip was torn off by a big rig tire laying in the middle of the road.

    It’s been done, and give these guys credit because of what they have invested.. As I would to all the guys coming out here from the East.

  22. DAMN! I had no idea you guys were going to IA. Figures I don’t keep up as much as I used to. I agree with the means of transportation, who cares. Just look at how far you have to drive. It’s one hell of a drive. It’s long and probably boring and you’ll have to swap turn behind the wheel with someone else so you can get there. What good is that? If you are going on a road trip where the main purpose is to drive, enjoy the scenery and see whats to see. Then yes do drive, but when going to a car show. Where you want your car to look its best, then why take the chance of a 1000+ mile trip. It’s as you shown a few examples, anything can happen. In the end we in the east will be able to see in person the cars we only on the web and be able to meet the face behind the internet alias.

    Wish I could make it to Nashville, but my daily can’t even make that drive. :-\

    Haters will be haters

  23. Hey everyone,

    I’ve only recently gotten into the car scene almost a year ago, and this coast-vs-coast thing is one of the biggest problems I have with the scene right now. It’s not about what coast has the biggest meets, or what coast has the sickest builds, when it comes down to it what really matters is what you wrote about in the article and what other people have already commented on – it’s about meeting with like-minded individuals who you share a passion with. Now I’m just basically a no-namer from the Middle Tennessee area, and I hate being stereotyped as an “East Coaster” or something like that. My car isn’t “hellaflush” or “JDM as FCKU” but I still go to meets and just want to meet new people and network. The biggest reason I love the car scene, aside from the cars, is the people and the good times with these people.

    So I hope all of you who can make it to IA spring meet in ATL or the big Summer meet in Nashville will come. I promise you, not all of us are like the guy who made that stupid comment. The majority of us are just like yourselves – car guys who will appreciate good work put into a good car and good times with friends and new people alike. And if you see this car at either IA, give me a should – I’ll be the short fat asian guy that looks like Buddha.

    Much love from TN, and see you all at IA.

  24. im going to go out on a limb here. the owner of this blog has a personal invite to share booth space with team function motorsports if you decide to come out. no money, no coverage no payment to us of any sort. just want to show that the east coast does have some generosity. i hope that you will take us up on our offer, you can contact me back through our blog if your interested. i really hope you will.

    this is about the hobby and the interest in cars, despite everyones tastes we should all understand we do this for the same reason. honestly i wish southern ohio could do meets like wekfest but its a popularity thing out here, honda enthusiasts here think you have to be jdm or clean or some shit like that, if you do anything, and i mean anything out of the normal your a ricer or people attack you and your car. untill that goes away there will always be a problem with the hobby. look at classic car and muscle car owners for example, they all get along even are willing to learn and talk with a honda enthusiast if they show up. enthusiasts, no matter what automotive prefference should pay attention to that, if not than the whole import hobby will fall apart. the loss of certain magazines should have waken up the community, instead we are still bickering online about parts or styles, it is up to everyone to make this into a lasting hobby that continues to grow. hating on certain costs is just another thing that hurts the hobby.

    i know i went on a side rant, but after doing this since a young age i am just sick of all the hate, makes older guys with knowledge not want to come out or post online.

    one word: RESPECT

  25. Different Strokes for different folks,I wouldn’t get too worked out over that knucklehead.Who cares if you drive or trailer your car to IA it’s all about the experience.

  26. Who cares about some eastcoast/westcoast bullshit, everyone should be coming to ia to have a good time, see some nice cars and party. Who cares if your car is trailored or driven… as long as you get it there that’s all that should matter. I don’t know about most people but the reason i go to import alliance is to meet all the people on the websites who i talk to everday but never met. To be able to check out all of the cars is a bonus. With that being said i hope all the cali dudes make the trip and have a good time and i will be back this year for the third time

  27. i drove to work going 60mph this morning. it was so difficult for me to not go past 80mph. now thats hardcore

  28. fuck , i always trailer my shit to a meet, i guess i am not hardcore.

  29. it all comes down to the practicality of the situation… cost of driving vs cost of shipping. is it worth the experience to drive? well, each to his own. i personally would love to drive cross country, but i wouldn’t do it to prove a point or to make sure i look like a hardcore enthusiast to everyone else. i would do it because i WANTED to… so if you don’t want to make the drive, why should anyone care? ship the car, fly in, hang out, and enjoy the show! cant wait to see you guys out there, should be a great time!

  30. I would just like to say, I street drive my s14 daily… it is a car that is purpose built, and it’s purpose is not street driving.

    On top of the fact that it gets up to about 220 degree’s in my engine bay with a burning hot turbo charger, the car has no ac and no heat shield on the under-tray so I got about 120 of those degree’s heating up my feet in dress shoes daily in bumper to bumper traffic. Sure it looks cool, respect for not letting my car cry in the corner of a garage until I can afford tires and a track day for it plus a fluid change.

    But really Have you seen the potholes in California? There is one on Temple Ave I literally could PARK my car in and leave the E-Brake down.

    Driving this car out of state, um I have to have pass on that… I have to have my tires specially mounted just to keep the paint on the wheels safe. On top of the fact nobody even stocks my tire sizes.

  31. fuck the Coast battles, and to the pos saying oh if we go out to IA to see west coast cars we will drool smh. IA isn’t about down talking the next mans ride or hating you Fcukboy but will say a Crew from the east got the most love on the pictures then most cars out there and they just started last year imagen this season hmmmm…. well this topic can go both ways but i like driving my ride day to day and still keep it mint high miles on my pos doesn’t bother me.

  32. Me and Bonb will definitely be shipping the cars out to Cali this year. FUCK the bullshit about west vs east. I LOVE WHITE GIRLS!!!!!

  33. One of the things that has always bothered me about the Honda scene, perhaps the whole import scene, it’s the whole East vs. West deal. Whoever started it must have been a big Tupac/Biggie fan and then a whole bandwagon followed it hardcore. I didn’t get into the scene to take sides, I got into it because I love, I embrace imports, not just Hondas, but imports in general. I really hope this comes to an end some day, perhaps when everyone matures a little more.

    Either way, IA is gonna be an experience that anyone will not want to miss. Either you drive your car or trailered it across the country, I don’t care how you got the car there, just GET there! Show you guys our version of “Cali love”

    SolFRESH Dee.

  34. this east coast , west coast shit is getting stupid..this is what i have to say to people that even talk like that… F U C K Y O U! your just some piece of shit being 2nd/last place….please try harder next time and leave that stupid shit behind..

  35. Im gonna laugh when Tony or Big Mike pull best in show at IA. Shit will be hilarious. I can’t wait to see the blog entries.

    Until then, I will sit behind my computer screen and laugh at this nonsense. Because thats exactly what all of this is.

  36. I built my car to drive. That’s my prerogative, that’s my ‘goal’, and that’s my mantra behind any of the cars I build. I don’t own a show car, I don’t own a super nice car – I just own a solid street car.


    Who freakin cares if another guy trailers his car to shows, or doesn’t drive them long distances? Not me at all. I’m certainly not getting a trophy from Nissan for driving my car to Watkins Glen, tracking it, and bringing it back, so why should I use that as some sort of ‘one up’ against those who don’t? I won’t – nore will I ever. Some of the cars featured in this blog have more money in wheels and paint than most people have into their entire car…why should we tease the ‘Phase2’ guys for trying to protect their ‘projects’??? I know for a fact that if I had that much into a car, I too would be a bit different with how I drive/own it.

    We have annual SE-R conventions, and we always have people coming from every corner of the lower 48…and I can say that (to me) I think it’s bad ass that guys even travel 1000+ miles to a convention, let alone drag their car along..shows devotion if you ask me.

    To me the community or more about the people…and then about the cars. I think we all know guys with incredible rides that have shit attitudes, and thus you really don’t want to be around them, so this just proves my point. To get upset over some guy that trailers his car to a meet is petty, immature, and about the last thing that I’d ever gripe about.

  37. know why i like this site? becuz you can say whats on your mind.

    who gives a fuck if you trailer your shit or drive it? TEXAS BOYS DON’T CARE. East and West my ass. We have fools from both sides right here in this military town, FT HOOD/KILEEN TEXAS.

    These boys & their cars are soldiers no matter how they get there. Cali has shown us much love. So to the REAL OG’s of the game… please don’t get offended when the BG’s talk out down. :thumbup:

  38. Hell im not gonna lie.. I was thinking about my car and if I wanna trailer it to IA. Its hard cause I want it to look good for the shoe (fresh finish) but at the same time I remembered the drive always being one on the top favorite things I had like doing.

    The East coast west coast thing will always be around and honestly I love it! We JOKE around about who has the better crew (krew) and who is gonna stunt on who at the next meet… But there is still those asshats who forget that its all in fun and … well… say shit like this.

  39. I love men. Especially shitsweak. Even tho that post was completely off topic. I’m always happy when the right people get out of the scene. Makes me warm inside. Everybody should quit! Fuck carrots

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