It’s got the widebody Sorcery NSX we’ve all come to know and love, a J’s Racing equipped Civic hatch, an S2000 from our neighbors up in Canada, a gold EK with a Domani front and CC-dubs, and a shop feature on none-other than Wek’Sos Industries…what more can you ask for? Buy this shit already, it’s out now!

That is all.


Look at pictures.

Be stingy and don’t let your friends look at it. Tell them to get their own issue and to stop being cheap, it’s 6 whole dollars, come on…

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  1. I will try and track one down, however over here in Australia they are unfortunately not $6 but in fact $20, well $19.95 🙁 Still I buy them here and there if they feature a famous car. Keep up the rad articles man, love your shit.

  2. Anyone else get tired of Aarons rants…

    Great article on the NSX, Pimpin it right!

  3. Lol…waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. Looks good!

  4. Received mine in the Mail Yesterday 🙂

  5. I’ll be off to the local bookstore after work today, I hope they have a copy!

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