Just a preview for now…

I’m kinda busy finishing up some work for Honda Tuning but I haven’t forgot about you guys. Just trying to make time for everything before I take off to Norcal again for the weekend. Here’s something I’ve been working on that will probably be up by tomorrow morning. Big Mike and I headed out to the valley to go visit Arn so I could get some shots of his DC2. No one has really gotten any new shots of it since he put on his hydrogen set-up and put on all his new Skunk2 gear so I went and snapped some pics. Here’s just a quick sneak peek for now. It’s the only image I had time to work on last night. I’ll have larger clickable versions when it’s all done…

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  1. Your picture taking skills have gotten 1000xe^3.1415 better in the last 2 years!! The Chronicles is my favorite place to grab desktop wallpaper.

  2. Hey, Im from Australia and I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. I love your coverage of the auto scene where you live. Its definitely something that isnt seen very much in Australia.

    Keep it up.

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