Ah shit, not this again…

For the most part, things have been pretty good this year and especially within the last couple months, everything has had a very mellow, positive vibe. Of course you will have instances when random bullshit and this would be one of those cases. It seems like only a year ago when we heard about that S2000 being vandalized as a result of a heinous hate crime and this is definitely not as bad as that, but anytime somebody’s car gets fucked with, it’s just a bad situation. I mean, I’ve known and spoken to some people who used to bang too and they would beat other people up and shit before they would go and try to fuck with someone’s car so when shit like this happens, man it just kinda makes you heated. I don’t know all the details on what happened and I don’t even think the owner has really figured it out yet but Art, the owner of the S2000, went to go visit his parents and when he came out early in the am, he found his S2000 vandalized. This isn’t like your run of the mill egging or keying either, shit is pretty rough to look at, especially if you’re a fan of the car. I’ve been quietly keeping an eye on Art’s S2000 for a minute now because I’ve met him on numerous occassions and we have mutual friends and honestly, it’s a nice build that has a lot of potential. He was gonna build up the motor and what not because he’s a big track guy and loves taking his car to time attack events. Well anyways, the pictures speak for themselves. I don’t know what happened and I’m not really going to elaborate on it. I just don’t like to see when people’s cars get fucked with because that shit is just unnecessary. Especially if it’s for no particular reason than to just be an asshole or a fucking hater. This happened sometime last week so I’m sure Art is in the process of trying to figure things out and getting the car repaired and what not but if you don’t see the car for awhile, this is what happened to it…

This is how it looked the last time I saw it, which was at Nisei 2010. It was parked right across from my booth so I had a chance to take a couple shots of it. If you wanna see them, just head back to the Nisei coverage…

…and this is how the car looked when Art went outside that night/early morning. I guess the neighbors heard what was going on so maybe they can provide him with some answers…

Whoever these individuals were, they kicked the shit out of his car…

They didn’t take anything from the car or anything but they did a number on the outside…

They kicked or hit the Voltex wing until the whole top layer of it broke off. There’s another picture on Art’s Facebook page where the top of the wing is literally sitting on the sidewalk…

Footprints all over the side of it from them kicking every panel of the car…

There are a couple more pictures but you guys get the idea….such a shame to have something like this happen. I mean, people say ‘karma is a bitch’ and what not but fuck, seriously that shit ain’t gonna do anything for all the time and shit that is involved in getting this thing repaired. That and you might also get a feeling that the car is tainted now that it’s been fucked with and repaired. I don’t know, I hope Art the best and hope he gets this thing back together ASAP. He’s a cool dude and it’s shitty for something like this to happen…Best of luck to him and I hope this thing comes back better than ever.

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  1. fuck motherfuckers. that fuckin sucks. sorry art, keep ur head up homie. karma is a motherfucker and these cocksuckers will get theirs.

  2. That’s just a shame! I’ve been a victim of two stolen cars, both recovered but stripped and written-off. I feel like this is worse. I hope the best to the owner!

  3. who in the shit has the time to go fuck with someones car dude…seriously what the fuck is up with ppl today man.

  4. Unfucking believable. This seriously puts a knot in your stomach to think a person has the balls to do this.

    Best of luck with the s2000 Art.

  5. Wow this is terrible. Sorry to hear and see this. Everytime I saw his car I had to stop an snap a pic. Such a clean, simple functional car. Good luck buddy.

  6. This is why i carry multiple handguns and am anal about ever leaving my car out of site. I fucking hate people the older i get more and more. I would love to catch someone doing that kind of shit even to this guys car. For sure would pistol whip them into a coma. Only serious pussies fuck with someones car. If you have a problem with someone, punch them in the face. What the fuck does a car have to do with it?

  7. that sucks! Second s2000 within the group of friends got their car vandalized.

  8. Damn that’s weak. It’s 2010 & people still have no respect for others property. It’s seems like they either hit or kicked the car, did it not have an alarm? I’m a vw guy & not too familiar with S2000’s.

  9. Wow, fucking haters. Is just sad and makes anyone heated when this happens. Hope he finds out who did that shit, and better fuck them with the law. Like you said wish those fuckers had the balls and tell you everything at your face, and not do this kind of things. Best of luck to the owner of the car.

  10. that’s fucked up, i know art personally, he is a cool guy, sorry shit happened to good people. people will hate what they can’t have! hopefully they left some figer prints cops can do something about it.

  11. There’s going to be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my car alarm ever starts ringing. I don’t even know how I would feel if I walked outside to that.

  12. this had to have been crazy loud when this was going down. Ripped a cf wing off? thats hard to do!

  13. Damn! Art, this suuuucks. What a bunch of haters. Sucks to see this car so beat up like this. Talk about a string of bad luck. Between all the S2k guys, its been a very bad 2010.

  14. Hope these fucking shit bags get what they deserve. being an s2k owner my self and seeing a clean car like this in this condition makes me sick.

    Good luck to the owner on getting his car back into shape.

  15. Art’s a really cool dude. Mellow, Calm, and easy to talk to. For him to deserve this, that f*cking blows. There’s good news tho, Art will be back with a vengence!

  16. Wow. No one deserves that. I hope the vandals are punished. Hopefully his insurance will cover it.

  17. This is a shitty thing to happen to such a great guy.. sorry to hear the happen to you man ..

  18. Just goes to show that decent folks are far and few in between and that for the most part PEOPLE AIN’T SHIT! As an S2k owner, I see this act of vandalism as the lowest of the low.

    Look over your shoulders because there are cowards everywhere.

  19. Man that’s a bummer. Sucks to see this kind of stuff. People don’t care how much time the owners put into the car.. Good luck with the insurance man. Can’t drive Hondas anywhere 🙁

  20. Noooooooo, I loved this S2. Shitty buzz when you see idiots do this kinda stuff, atleast it wasn’t stolen though!

  21. ART!!!! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!?? Who you been pissing off these days?? I am so sorry brotha! I hope your insurance hooks you up and you find out who did this. See ya at fusion.. 🙁


  22. Damn this is disgusting, people can’t appreciate a great car these days. Best of luck to your car man.

  23. if you guys look close at the 2nd picture, you can see they used maybe a finger or whatever the hell it is to mark their gang name on his door, maybe that can lead to him knowing who did it or something close.. hope that helps if he didnt notice yet

  24. ahh that explains it haha

  25. No 1/4 damage? huh….

  26. This is so fucked up man!! Shit like this is gettin more and more common here in the UK too =(

    Feel sorry for the guy wouldn’t know what to do if I found my itr like that.

  27. I can not understand what is funny on this…what is thinking these “persons”?
    I hate this type of behaviour. This boy has spend a lot of time, passion and money to has his dream car, and then in one night a group of fucking boys, destroyed it

  28. You can tell it was two different ppl., one wearing vans and another wearing converse…

  29. God damn, what is it with people? Fucking thieves and vandals, I know what it feels like man.

  30. wow.. karma is a bitch. and when those individuals get a taste of their own medicine its gonna hurt a shitload more. when they grow their fagget asses up and get a nice car and some punk fag kids do the same shit.. karma is a bitch

  31. When my stereo was ripped out of my car leaving the dash panels all broken and stuff, i went crazy with rage.But this is nothing compared to what happened to me. For a such a clean and nice car to go through this for no reason is just stupid. To the owner of this car, please come back bigger than ever. Cheers.

  32. what a bunch of motherfuckers. if i’d see that i would kill them. probably you never get out who this was. something like this makes me really angry…

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