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I’m sure you guys already know how I feel about fake/knock-off wheels. I spent a lot of time on The Chronicles talking to you guys about it and why you guys should try to stay away from purchasing fake wheels. Just save up and get something legit. It’s not a race to see who gets what “look” first. In the end, you need to take into consideration the other factors that contribute to you purchasing fake wheels, with safety being the most important. Quality and safety just aren’t two things that you can cheap out on. There are reasons why companies go through testing and have certification to produce a product for consumers that are safe for road use. Just because another company steals their design, it doesn’t mean that the wheels are equally as safe. The video I’ve provided for your viewing pleasure below is actually from Wedsport, one of the leading companies in our industry that has been around for ages and produce wheels of the utmost quality. The video shows a comparison test between an imitation version of one of their wheels and an actual Wedsport wheel. It’ll only take a couple minutes of your time but it’s very informative. Spread the word and let your friends know about it…

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  1. Weds…not really a wheel to copy.

  2. the sa-60’s got copied before they even came out =(

  3. I don’t know why you feel like it’s your mission in life to try to dictate what wheels people put on their Hondas. Fact is, many people simply can not afford authentic wheels, especially with the ridiculous prices people are charging for them today. Most people cannot or will not pay $1600 for a set of 15 year old wheels for their daily driver. Rotas are perfect for a car that sees daily road use. They look like the real thing, yet cost hundreds less. Are they the best quality wheel? No. But unless you’re going to be tracking your car all the time, Rotas are perfectly good wheels to put on your car. They won’t get you much respect from the forum hounds, but they’ll save you hundreds when building your car.

    • Can’t afford authentic wheels, but can afford 400 dollar yakima roof rack, own no bikes and a set of rotas. Sounds like someone can buy some used real wheels to me.

      People should be able to get in their car and be proud of what they put together? You are the people that keep knock off manufactures in business. I’m so fucking sick and tired of kids saying they can’t afford real shit for their cars, but they’re the same kids wearing 500 dollars worth of nike bullshit and new era hats.

      But I got rota’s do, because I can’t afford that shit and still be fly.

      • Actually, I’d rather put the money into performance upgrades. Wheels to me are not a big deal. If they look good, that’s all I care about. Rotas looks good. And while all the nutswingers are paying out the ass for some ugly 15 year old wheels, like the California guys told them to do, I’ve been busy making my car faster.

      • Whatever floats your boat kid. Just don’t get pussy hurt when everyone looks down on you.

    • Fake wheels lick big donkey dick period There 15 years old because they last.

      • Lol, yea invest in making your engine more powerful, but yet cheap out on something valuable that proves your engines power on the pavement. Remember your wheels take a lot of stress when movement and torque is applied. Fail on you sir.

  4. Anyone notice how Rota guys only have excuses? Just be honest with yourself, you’re a cheap, knockoff, biter.

    Buy some cheap wheels from a company with their own designs if you’re so locked on having a good looking car without having expensive wheels.

  5. Knockoff companies are taking profits from the legit companies and putting them out of business.
    These legit companies are the ones that do the research and development for their products. If you were the founder of your own wheel company, and some jackass comes around replicating your hard work, only to sell them for 1/6th the price, you would be pretty pissed too.

  6. Instant gratification seems to have flipped peoples perspective on how things really work. What ever happened to working hard and saving up for something that you want? It seems like the most used excuse in the book, “-their too expensive”. R&D, quality, and safety standards are not cheap, bypassing any of these steps will always save money in the production phase.

  7. Rotas are JWL and VIA certified btw

  8. who gives a fuck real wheels fake wheels, its how you set them.
    haters for fake wheels haha why hate let them be?
    i seen alot of fake wheels on this blog

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