Skunk2 Unmeet 4/16…and another Spontaneous Photographic Moment Captured By A Digital Camera…

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been absolutely beat these last couple weeks. I’m pretty excited about the work that I’ve put in though so in a couple months you guys will get a chance to see what I’ve been talking about when the stuff makes it on to the newstands. I’m going to attempt to relax in the next couple days and really get back into working on the site. I’ve got some undercover projects I need to complete for work but I’m not really at liberty to discuss that stuff with you guys. I also have a bunch of pictures that I need to go through from when I went to help out Tony from It’sJDMYo!!! at his photoshoot at Mastermind. Two Spirit Rei Odyvias, Ms. Amy Fay, and Ms. Chaba were on hand for the debauchery and I got some pretty good shots for the site as well as some candids and behind the scenes type of stuff. It’ll be a good post and definitely not something that we’re used to seeing here on The Chronicles…

Anyways, my attempt to relax this weekend will be to take my car out on a nice little cruise with the homies over to the latest Skunk2 Unmeet. I went to the first one and it was a chill time. Definitely good times with good people, free food, a bunch of random shit happening, and some nice cars. Hopefully the weather will be chill but with the way today is, it’s looking to be a bit on the warmer side. Either way we will be out there to hang out so if you guys want to come out and support Skunk2 and chill with some of the regulars that you see here on the site, make the drive out. It’s a nice huge park so there will be plenty of space to roam around. Here’s some more information…

Skunk2 presents another unmeet, the opposite of what the modern-day car meet has become. Following our inaugural unmeet last September, Skunk2 is back with unmeet 2.0. There are enough serious meets, shows, and events to go around all year. Relax, leave the quick detailer at home, meet us at the park, maybe bring your car out, and enjoy the company of everyone from Skunk2, our friends, and the Skunk2 Street Team Elite.

• Hang out with the guys from Skunk2 and its Street Team Elite
• Bring your car…or don’t. It doesn’t matter
• Free food and drinks until we run out (We’re talking good food here. The barbeques at the last unmeet were filled with carne asada, gourmet sausages, and more.)
• Cheap limited-edition T-shirts and free swag until we run out
• 4 barbeques nearby (bring your own food if you want)
• Roll in and out whenever you want (we’ll probably be there around 10a.m.)
• No alcohol (park rules)
• Bring your own chairs (benches are limited)
• Kids’ playground, volleyball court, rental bikes, horseshoes nearby
• Bring your bikes, skateboards…whatever

Everyone’s invited to unmeet 2.0, including your friends, family, even your pets.

Saturday, April 16, 2011
From whenever – whenever

Yorba Regional Park
7600 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92807
Shelter 3
Enter through the park’s main entrance and head left toward Shelter 3

Yorba Regional Park charges $5 for parking. Parking lot 9 is right next to Shelter 3 and has approximately 30 spaces. Parking lot 10 is also nearby and has an additional 70 spaces. Additional parking is available within walking distance.

• From the 91 freeway, take the Imperial Hwy. exit in Anaheim Hills
• Head north on Imperial Hwy. for 1/2 mile
• Turn right onto La Palma Ave, head east for 1-1/2 miles
• Yorba Regional Park main entrance on right side
• Shelter 3 and parking lots 9 and 10 located east of main entrance


If you need any more information, you should probably just re-read the whole thing a couple more times because basically everything you need to know has been listed already…

I figure you guys would want to stare at another photo from my new “Spontaneous Photographic Moment Captured By A Digital Camera” series…

Today features a behind the scenes shot of what was going on at the Mastermind shoot the other day…Ms. Amy Fay is once again staring at the phone while we were testing out some lighting…alright, enjoy…

These pics are starting to actually pop up on some Japanese websites and blogs too. I know for one I spotted my own pics on the RestoredJP blog. I think they were the ones responsible for work on the car that Amy Fay is standing behind, which is the original Spirit Rei Odyvia demo car from Japan. By the time you guys read this I believe the car is on it’s way back to Japan already…

Have a good weekend and see you guys at the Skunk2 meet….

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