Spontaneous Photographic Moments Captured By A Digital Camera…Japan…

I’m still knocking out a bunch of orders that I’ve lagged on because I was busy as hell last week so today I’ll keep it short and simple with a Spontaneous Photographic Moment Captured By A Digital Camera…yeah, short and simple. I saw this 4-door Civic on my friend from Japan, Tetsuya Yamaguchi’s, Facebook page. He had just finished work on it and got a chance to take some pictures of it as the sun was setting. Great looking car. Very straight forward and simplistic. It’s rare to see BYS bumpers on 4-doors, whether it be in Japan or here in the U.S. and it’s a great look. You can’t really go wrong with the two tone white on black look, especially with BBS wheels. It’s great to see that there are guys over there that enjoy the lightly modded street car look. Everybody is all about race cars these days and guys here always look to Japan to get that whole “race” look down. Cool to see that there are guys over there that look to the cars here for a bit of inspiration, I’m a big fan…

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  1. Simply an awesome FERIO

  2. Damn that thing is so clean.

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