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Okay, the title may be a bit misleading because I don’t really have anything to rant about, it’s merely an observation but I’ll get to it. Let’s start off by my addressing certain issues that have apparently come to light. In the last couple weeks I’ve had people hitting me up about how the new layout looks strange and how pictures are getting cut in half, etc., etc. I personally, have never experienced any issues myself but there are guys who have even taken screenshots of what they are seeing and yes, I do see the problem. For whatever reason, WordPress isn’t loading up the custom CSS that I have added to a more basic WordPress layout to transform the site to what you normally see. Why there is an issue, I don’t know but I’m trying to figure it out what’s going on and why only some people are seeing it and many don’t have any problems. I’ve taken a look at the site every single day and I have yet to experience the same issues that some do. What they are seeing is a generic themed WordPress layout. That’s why everything looks strange and pictures are getting cut off and what not. The generic layout is what I started out with when I first designed the “version 2” layout. If you guys were here from the beginning and saw the layout previous to the one now, then you know what the generic layouts look like. Many other automotive blogs that you peruse still use these layouts. I have just taken the liberty to modify and turn it into my own, and for whatever reason, the custom CSS is not showing up for some people. I’ve even looked through WordPress to see if anyone is having the issue but I have yet to find anything. What I would do if you guys are seeing something different than what you’re normally seeing is try to clear the internet cache on your computer. Perhaps there was something that happened along the way and it became a part of your cache, so whenever you load up the site it’s loading whatever came up previously and automatically ignores the custom CSS I have added. Another thing you might want to do is erase your cookies in your internet options, especially the ones that pertain to WordPress, or this site, or Google ads or whatever. If you’re seeing ads, that is another thing that I have nothing to do with. I’ve run this site from the very beginning without advertising and I intend to keep it that way. If you see ads from Google Adsense or whatever, that’s all WordPress. I know that on the mobile versions of this site there are ads that appear on the bottom. If for whatever reason there was an issue with the ads or something loading incorrectly, your browser remembers that and takes a note of it. When you come on this site and your browser automatically recognizes an issue from the previous time you came on, it’ll show in it’s error console and it may not be loading up the site entirely for you. I know when I switched browsers awhile back I was having some compatibility issues which was causing certain sites to load incorrectly. Perhaps you guys are having that problem. Until I can figure it out, all I can do is give you suggestions as to how to deal with it. No one around me has really experienced the problem either so I really couldn’t tell you what was going on. I’m doing my best to find out what’s going on, so bear with me if something doesn’t load up correctly for you…

As far as me ranting about something goes, I just have one thing to mention. There are some guys out there who are still waiting for your orders to come and I promise you, they are coming. Some of you newer guys who come on The Chronicels may not know this, but it’s basically a one-man show. I do everything myself…writing, shooting, merchandise, putting orders together, site maintanence, site layout, etc., is all me. Sometimes when I get work from Honda Tuning and Super Street, it doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of hours in the day to go through every single thing. Orders do add up sometimes and I do my best to get things out in a timely manner. For the delay, I apologize but it’s not like I’m out there to scam anyone out of their 5 dollars or whatever. I could care less actually, I just want to make sure my merchandise gets out there if you guys want it. The thing that gets me are the guys that email me all angry and shit. I think some dude emailed me today, immediately all defensive like “where the fuck is my sticker bro, I placed an order and haven’t gotten shit yet, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!” Good lord, relax guy. Sometimes I get emails like this and I just don’t understand what all the hostility is about. If you want to inquire about your order, feel free to and I’ll respond and let you know what’s up with your stuff, but it’s definitely not necessary to come at me all crazy and angry. I keep you guys up to date on the daily posts so it’s not like I’m just sitting on my ass not doing anything. Everything is also made to order so when orders start to stack  up a bit, I have to cut, weed, and put all the stickers together and it takes time. There’s only so much I can do in a day so I really appreciate the patience. Being hostile and swearing at me in an email…ehh, not necessary…

Alright, I’m gonna get some rest for now. Another 15 or so orders went out in the mail earlier tonight. It was about 4am here when I went to the post office to mail them out. I usually batch a bunch of orders together to mail out so I’d rather go early in the am when no one is there so I can use the automated shipping machine thing they got there. It works great and I don’t have to deal with anyone so I can do everything in peace. Some lady came in while I was there, at around 4:15am, and it scared the shit outta me. Of all the times I’ve gone in there at that time, I’ve never seen anyone so when the lady came in, I almost shat myself…haha. She was cool though, talked a little bit too much but hey, if you’re up at 4am, you’re probably lonely and want to speak to anyone about anything….

With that said, I’ve been scouring the web for USDM Jam 8.0 photos from Japan to show you guys. I know there are a large chunk of you who are interested in what’s going on in Japan so I’m collecting pics now from various venues so that I can post up some pics. Tonight I checked out this guy’s blog…

and found pics like this…

The guy has like one of the best looking Elements I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how I came about his blog but I check it out every now and then and he always has up to date stuff on his Element build. I don’t understand any of it but I just look at pictures anyways. He has some pretty good shots from the USDM Jam event so I’ll be adding those to my folder before I post them up here on The Chronicles. That del Sol up there is pretty mean, I gotta say…More to come for sure though once I grab more shots from the event…

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you guys are seeing the same problems with the layout that these guys are seeing. Post up a comment or whatever and let me know if there’s any way that you guys can figure out what’s going on. Until then, it’s time for me to get some shut eye….PEACE.

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  1. i want a hat like that dude for eibach meet. can anyone help

  2. i hear you man… my website is also a one-man show. people don’t understand how much work it is to do EVERYTHING by yourself. i too can only get so much done in one day. people are the way they are, so try not to let it get to you too much! i try my best not to take it personal.

  3. Web layout issues, I looked at my address bar in firefox, explore, and even safari, make sure you add a “s” to http, so it’ll be, NOT or you’ll get the wack layout.

  4. THAT WORKED FOR ME! thanks ATS*ANH!!!!

  5. Whenever I got the wack layout, I would just refresh the page, and the normal layout would come back..

  6. That element is pretty sick. I’d like to see one on bags but I feel like the square fenders wouldn’t really work with that stance.

  7. i used to get the whack layout, it happened for about a week, and then it stopped out of nowhere haha. everythings been good since.

  8. What blog did you find the element on? I have an element, and id like to see more pics of his

  9. What blog did you find the element on? I have an element, and id like to see more pics of his element*

  10. what is his blog? id like to see more pictures

  11. Hello!
    My name is TAKERU.
    I can a only little little english.
    Thank you to upload photos of my ELEMENT SC.
    Your blog is great fun and great cool.
    Thank you in the future.

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