Sportmax Lovers Unite!!…Spontaneous Photographic Moments Captured By A Digital Camera…

This is an oldie but a goodie…

Quality of metal matters. Legit, high quality wheel manufacturers produce wheels that may bend upon contact with a pothole or something of the sort, but they are supposed to. They don’t however, shatter and explode into pieces like Rotas, Sportmax wheels, etc. You get what you pay for, bottom line. This was caused

Posted by user “Phans784” back in 2007 on the Nicoclub forums…

i got a call from the shop that was putting my new ka in at and it went like this.. ” Your engine is in but your wheel disintergrated when one of our guys was driving it.”

he wasnt kidding apparently, he said he was just going around a turn on the highway (the owner of the shop is a family friend) and bang the wheel exploded. I had a hard time believing that but then i saw it in person. the tire was still on the wheel holding the broken section together. the tire was not damaged at all.

luckly he had an extra set of se-r wheels laying around so i could drive it home

so who knows that the real story is but im very curious to see if anyone else has had something similer happen with their sportmax wheels.

Guess the bike rack and shit ton of stickers was too heavy for the wheels and it exploded, haha…

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  1. lol, angry birds don’t like fake wheels.

    • That’s a cracked spoke, it will happen if impact is significant enough. It won’t however, separate in large chunks at the barrel and fall apart like the pic that was originally posted.

  2. I have never rocked sportmax’s nor will i but I still say dont knock sportmax because there are many other factors that play into a wheel breaking like this. What was the profile of the tire as well as what car was it going on. Its funny how most broken like this wheels are mostly on 240s, miatas, ive even seen a handful on supra’s and other rwd drive cars because they were trying to drift. Drifting puts alot of stress on these wheels so they are bound to crack or break. it comes with the territory

  3. LMAO made in taiwan >_<

  4. Those wheels are ugly as hell anyway.. I hate seeing them on every other car now.

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