Announcement Time….Super Street 2011 FF Battle Event…

Well, it’s that time of the year again to officially announce Super Street magazine’s 2011 FF Battle, brought to you by General Tire. I’ve been a witness to this event the last two years and I must say, this year’s FF Battle looks to be the best one yet. The concept is simple; bring together a group of some of the best streetable front-wheel drive Hondas in the country, throw them onto AAA Autoclub Speedway’s track, and let them battle it out time attack-style for FF-supremacy. What’s different about this year is that all Hondas are required to be naturally-aspirated to even out the field of competitors. Since a huge portion of the Autoclub Speedway track is power-friendly, in the past, the high-horsepower vehicle has dominated. This year, it will be based more on driving and tuning of a naturally-aspirated Honda motor. Even though a turbocharged Honda ran last year, the rest of the pack was still pretty close by time-wise. With it being all motor this time around, it should make the competition even more closely matched and competitive. On top of that new rule change, there will also be a much bigger list of competitors this year. There’s also more of a variety of Hondas/Acuras this time around so it won’t be just Civics running out there. No matter what, it will be a very interesting competition…

The 2011 FF Battle will be from July 27-30, with the first few days reserved exclusively for competitors, employees of Super Street and invitees, but the 30th will be the portion of the event that will be open to the general public. I’m posting this up as an official invite to all of you who want to come out to Autoclub Speedway on the 30th for the final day of racing and for the free meet that is taking place there. Come out and celebrate the spirit of competition and watch some of the best FF Hondas do battle on the track. The meet is free of course and open to everyone that wants to participate. There will be plenty of parking available and Autoclub Speedway does not charge an entrance fee to attend the event. Yes, it’s summer and it’ll be a bit warm but hey, why not bring a cold drink out to the track and hang out with your friends and check out some Honda racing…

Before I go, I’ve attached the flyer to the 2011 FF Battle event with some details about the event. If you could do me a favor, please post this up on your favorite social networking sites, on your favorites forums, etc. and spread the word about the event. The competition-side of it is always cool but we are trying to get this meet to be bigger and better than ever, with more attendance from enthusiasts and the general public. Tell your friends, your family, your step-dad, whoever…help The Chronicles spread the word about the event. I’ve attached a link to the original flyer in a larger format so if you’re going to hotlink the image, link the larger one please. Thank you and see you guys out there for the 2011 FF Battle!!

Larger Version (1400×933)

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  1. I don’t feel the cars that are invited are a good representation of fast Hondas with most of the cars represented being west coast vehicles. I really wish you guys would invite some East Coast guys such as Chad Slagg or Kevin Helms. Although their cars aren’t street legal cars they are some of the fastest Honda Challenge racers and I know they would post fast times. Maybe that is something that can be worked on for next year.

    • I understand what you’re saying. You have to realize that there is no rule within the FF Battle competition that limits the cars from only being from the West Coast. It was an open invite process and anybody that wanted to participate was free to submit their information for the approval process. This year’s competition actually features a Honda that’s all the way from Canada so to say that it’s only West Coast Hondas is very misleading. There wasn’t a select invite process because there was never a condition preventing anyone else from participating. Also, the Hondas have to be at least somewhat streetable vehicles, and not complete, full-on race cars. If it’s a Honda Challenge participant, than they wouldn’t really be able to compete against this group of Hondas anyway, because this is meant for streetable FF Hondas. Thanks for posting this though because I believe that there are others out there who are also not aware of this.

    • They need to build street legal cars and they will get invited.

  2. Who do I have to contact in order to attend the event on the 30th?

    • If you want to participate in the event, unfortunately, all spots have been filled already for the competition. If you want to just come out and spectate the event, then it’s free to everyone.

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