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Oh. Man. So many great things happened this weekend…I took a fucking nap, ate some fried shit, watched some television, went to a car show, drank a beer, and then woke up to go shoot a car in Narnia…

Haha, in all honesty though, it was a pretty good weekend. I really did take a nap, but that was yesterday because I was so beat from sleeping only two hours the night before that. It was May’s younger brother’s birthday so we went to celebrate at Yardhouse, but of course it’s impossible to get a table for 15 people so we spent a majority of the night waiting to sit down and eat. DPK David and his future wife to be Jackie went along for the ride and David acted like the Mac and Cheese he ate was the greatest thing on Earth. Oh another cool thing was that May’s cousin was chilling at the bar with us while we were waiting for a table and then this drunk bitch just starts staring at him. This dude just spent like $5 on a Bruno Mars looking hat so he was all swagged out, and then starts chatting up the girl. This chick was so drunk, she left her purse behind to make a phone call and I almost robbed her ass. Normally I wouldn’t but we are all experiencing tough economic times and you just don’t leave your purse at a bar unattended. I’m kidding of course, I was waiting to see if he was going to swoop her up and take her home to do a little bit of the bang bang and we were all gonna go with them so I could raid her fridge and eat all her food. Well this chick like apparently has parents who own a place not too far from where we were at so they start holding hands and getting all chummy, then they get up and dude takes her to her parents place to bang her out…I swear, that’s exactly how it happened. Like DPK David said, he thought that shit like that “only happens int he movies”. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Strangest part about it is that she went to Yardhouse to drink by herself and then took some asian dude home with her. I think she was white or something so that accounts for like 180+ asian street cred points for May’s cousin. I didn’t believe in miracles until I saw that happen. Way to capitalize on Bruno Mars’ success…I was kinda worried because it sounded too good to be true so I was expecting him to call May to let us know that he woke up and his kidneys were missing but I guess it worked out for him. He showed up a couple hours after doing whatever he had to do and came back to chill.

Anyways, that was one of the reasons why I didn’t get much sleep yesterday. I was going to post up a bigger update today with either Spocom 2011 coverage or make that huge Nisei Showoff announcement I’ve been waiting to unveil but I’ve just been busy all day trying to finish up some work for Super Street.  We have a shorter production cycle this month so shit just needs to be finished. I spent the majority of the night and early afternoon finishing up those photos and I’m updating now because this is the free time that I have between doing some more work, and taking a dump. The Spocom 2011 show was this past Saturday and I really didn’t go into it with any expectations and I’m glad I didn’t. Like every Spocom show, it’s usually more focused on the models and not the cars itself and that was definitely the case this year. The cars were lacking this year compared to year’s past, but that might be due to the fact that we have a 3 week block where we have back to back shows. Nisei is next week and following that is the new EMOTION show so that could be a reason why there weren’t too many cars in attendance at Spocom. Maybe like 30-40% of the cars there were “DUB-style” cars, meaning they were like big ass trucks on 26’s or domestics that were lowrider-themed. Some people may like that but me personally, I’ll pass. I go to the Spocom shows to look at imports because that originally was the target demographic but I guess things changed. They’re probably on that money-making tip so they didn’t really worry about what cars showed as long as they paid the registration fees. I got through the show quickly and then took off to get back to real life shit.

Since I’m not doing a big update today, I’ll save the major Nisei Showoff collaboration announcement tomorrow along with some Spocom coverage. Trust me, you will definitely want to go to Nisei to see what I have for you guys. It’s going to be pretty sick, if everything follows through… Oh if you were wondering what car I shot for Super Street on Sunday, it was a pretty sick Mazda Miata. I know, it sounds weird, but it’s definitely one of the coolest cars that I’ve ever shot for a mag. Just a lot of little cool touches made to the car and the overall style of the car flows very well. I’ve known the guy for quite some time now and the car has come a long way. After going through the photos today, I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite shoots. It was cool to shoot in a different location other than the city but there were some sketchy moments shooting in the canyons. Keep an eye out for that in a couple months…

I figured you guys would want something to look at other than words today so I’ve included one of my favorite photos from this past Saturday’s Spocom event in Anaheim. It’s one of those moments that makes me happy that I always  have my camera on me. I don’t know the models name, I apologize if she sees this (I doubt she will), but for the sake of putting a name to a face, we shall call her “Titla McBoob”. While her humongous cans already make for an interesting photo, the best part of this shot is the creepy old man that’s standing next to her MAKING A JERK-OFF MOTION WITH HIS HAND while posing with her for the photo…haha, classic…Maybe he’s a big fan of gambling or something and he’s doing a “roll the dice” gesture…I don’t know, but I’m sure any time somebody is doing that in front of her chest, she’s not thinking that he’s tossing around some dice, if you know what I mean…If you think I’m making this up, you can clearly see the motion blur from his hand from moving it back and forth, haha. I have no idea who he is, but it looks like he’s spent a lot of time in the sun throughout his years. He could be Stan Lee, the creator of many of today’s favorite Marvel Comics characters, I don’t know, either way, this old sir looks incredible happy and perverted while taking part in this photo. Enjoy…Oh probably NSFW but I don’t  know how lenient your boss is about girls with humongoloid tet-tets… Roll the dice old man!!

Back tomorrow with so much more… 😉

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  1. lol… you posted the shot of “Sterling Collins” seriously his name and we were all checking out that girls rack.

  2. She is kinda cute. What’t her name lol

  3. Internet stalker status. Still don’t know her name though…
    More pics of the model. I hope it’s okay to link to another site.

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