Spontaneous Photographic Moments Captured By A Digital Camera…

Haven’t done one of these in awhile but when I saw this photo surface on NWP4Life, I had to post it up….If there’s anything that’s better than having an R35 GT-R, it’s having this Acura TL as well. I’ll be honest, I haven’t always been a fan of the latest model TL because I think it looks incredibly bulky, but the owner of this one addressed the issues that made the front end look so huge, which was the gigantic silver grill. I love the way this turned out and I couldn’t imagine the car look any better. Wheel fitment is also on point as well…I would rock this shit all day. With everything paint-matched, it looks a lot more like the previous generation TL, which was a great looking car out of the box. Enjoy it, appreciate it, and have a great weekend everyone…

Credit goes to whoever took the shot, there’s no mark so I have no idea…

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  1. Yes! The painted grill makes the world of a difference!

  2. if he happened to do that to the rear as well, that car would be boss!

  3. wouldnt mind having ether of those cars 🙂 but I would have to agree with you the older TLs I like better! but this one is still flossin!

  4. The rear is paint matched also. This car belongs to a friend of mine in Jacksonville, Florida.

  5. Yep this TL is so nice in person! And the owner is super cool..Local Navy guy here in jax,FL..everything from the rims, stance, exhaust, ext is done with top notch parts..

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