Drive-Thru By BOWLS Films…

I’ve always been a huge supporter of Brandon and the BOWLS Film team. Their work is always good and I like how it has a specific style unique to only BOWLS. One of their new, and more popular, series within their YouTube channel is “Drive-Thru”. It is a series of shorts where Brandon visits with fellow enthusiasts to talk cars and food. If you’ve been following The Chronicles for any length of time, then you already know how much I love both cars and food. This series peaked my interest when Brandon came up with the idea and he recently invited me to do an episode with him. My episode is only the third in the series so far but I dig the direction that it is going in. You get to catch a small glimpse of what the car is but more importantly, you get a better sense of what the owner is all about. Check it out below and let me know what you guys think. I appreciate the support and make sure to head over to the BOWLS Films YouTube channel to catch the rest of their videos….

More on the official BOWLS Films YouTube Channel….

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend…

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  1. What is your wheel setup ?

  2. I’ve always thought the c-pillar and rear window of those cars were weird.

  3. I think this is the future of car features, in my opinion.

  4. Was that Jonathan Wong making a second appearance in Frostbites?

  5. Pretty dope video by BOWLS Films. Interesting to see how you speak about your Q45. Been a fan of it since it was near stock form several years back!

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