CHRNCLS Vol. 2 Loyalty Pre-Order List

This is the official Pre-Order list for those of you who originally ordered and own a copy of CHRNCLS Vol. 1. I mentioned a while back that those who own a copy of the first book will have an opportunity to purchase ‘Volume 2: Glory’ without having to wait for the Storefront Pre-Order to take place. This way you don’t miss out on your chance to get this book or run the risk of it being sold-out. I appreciate the support deeply and the fact that you own a copy of Volume 1 so if you would like to acquire the second book, please enter your Paypal email address below so I can verify that you own a copy. Once verified, you will be on the list to purchase Volume 2 when it becomes available for order. Invoices will be distributed to you in your emails once you are confirmed. Thank you!!