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Updated the storefront with some new items and updated inventory. If you guys ordered stuff within the last month or so, everything has been shipped out as I’ve finally caught up on everything since returning from my travels. I’m working on getting more joggers and hoodies produced but I’ll let you know when that is available. For now, the jogger inventory is up to date. Thanks everybody for the support!! Visit the storefront at WWW.NORIVALNOEQUAL.COM!!.


The Chronicles Season 3 Vlog #2 covers our near two-week long adventure from Hawaii and back once again to Japan for a very special event…

Part 3 covers a little bit of the second day of the 2017 Osaka Auto Messe event. I didn’t do much filming on this particular day because I focused more on photos. Instead of filming the cars at the show, I saved the memory card space for a late night Civic meet out in Yao, which is a city in Osaka. I didn’t organize this meet but since it was local to us and we wanted to check out some Hondas, we decided to go hang out there for a couple of hours. The NO GOOD RACING guys showed up to slang some of their merchandise and we get to walk to meet with Ryuichi, or who you guys know better as “the Kanjo King”. There was no late night driving for us because we had to wake up early for the final day of the Osaka Auto Messe event. Sorry about the video quality if it isn’t the greatest. I did what I could with the GoPro and my 5DMKII… Continue reading


I know I’m probably gonna get some heat for this but admittedly, I took a lot of photos of the same cars over and over again during Wekfest Hawaii 2017. These are the cars that caught my eye, I’m sorry, haha. I fly down to Hawaii once a year to check out these cars and whenever something is of interest to me, I spend a lot of time going over them. The Wekfest Hawaii event isn’t very big compared to some of the other shows on the tour so you either see the same cars from year to year or you catch a glimpse of something new. I enjoyed the show but didn’t shoot much during the event itself. Most of the stuff is during the roll-in and I always find the set-up phase of the show to be much more appealing to capture. It gets kinda dry to just shoot the entire event with a tripod after the cars have already parked so I try to avoid that these days. I think that stuff is just better for the Vlog where I can give you a more detailed look of the cars up-close with the GoPro. Being that it is a smaller event, you also will notice the huge gap between the enthusiasts who have been building cars for years now, and those who are just getting into the hobby. The newer guys/gals do the whole “airbags and wheels” route while the more experienced people get more into the details and overall execution of the cars. The gap is very significant in Hawaii but I think with time, the competition level will even out a little bit more as the older enthusiasts continue to stick around to be an example for the newer generation of builders. We will see. In the meantime, check out the rest of the photos I captured that weekend in Hawaii. Thanks to everyone for looking and all the people I had a chance to mingle with out there…

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