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Mission: To bring you the life and times of the automotive tuning community worldwide through the eyes and lens of StickyDilJoe.

The Chronicles/Stickydiljoe.com is a car culture website and video series created by Joey Lee, better known to the online automotive community simply as “StickyDilJoe“. The website originally started back in October 2008 and has been growing ever since, with a video blog series debuting in the fall of 2014. In the early years, the website covered the Honda/Acura enthusiasts community in Southern California but as time went on, the spectrum of coverage became much wider and now covers the automotive import tuning culture as whole, not just limited to Hondas/Acuras, worldwide. Joey Lee has been an automotive enthusiast since the late 90s and has since become a writer and photographer for multiple print magazines including, but not limited to, Super Street, Import Tuner, and Honda Tuning. The Chronicles is now a recognized name and brand the world over. Now with the video blog/vlog series, Joey and his friends travel everywhere to document automotive tuning culture through their eyes and experience new adventures monthly.

The website is updated as often as possible, consisting of photographic event coverage from various car shows, car meets, and other automotive events from mostly North America, though you will often see photos from other parts of the world that Joey and friends travel to. Please check back regularly for updated content and both photo/video coverage of everything they see.

For all business inquiries or general questions, please contact Joey Lee at JOEY@STICKYDILJOE.COM


  1. dc5 jared told me about ur website…good job..i love it..keep up the good work!!!

    can i get the chronicles sticker:)

    • Definitely man, just hit me up with your address and I would love for you to represent the Chronicles for me…

      • Found your website by your videos on youtube and was I inspired haha. Great website bro, keep up the sick work man!

  2. Bad-ass site. It’s going into my bookmarks for sure. haha.
    Makes me wanna head for the Honda route. xD

  3. how can i messege you about my addy? do you have aim?

  4. I just found out about your blog… Great work. Sucks im in NY and your in cali, i would love to check out some of the stuff you covered in person. I also think the accord scene is well under represented… please bring it back to life… there are a lot of cars out east… search for “Dreman”

  5. I found your site from another blog and i love it! I go to The Chronicles everyday to see what new post you put up and everyone one of them is interesting and funny at times. I can’t find too many blogs just consisting of Honda oriented posts so this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for making this blog what it is and making me more enthusiastic to be apart of it! I’ve owned an EG for 10 years now, its been fun and a challenge but i still love my clunker. Have anymore stickers? 🙂

    • Funny “at times”? Shit…supposed to be hilarious like all the time….haha. Yeah I got some more stickers, I can’t give them away for free anymore because I’m broke and need money. So if you would like one, please click on the “support the chronicles” link and support my ass!

  6. Dude.. strong supporter since i saw the site, i actually wrote a paper for class on your blog and got an A on it… I did give all accreditation to you but keep it coming… my question is how do i get in on all the fun lol…

  7. Loving the blog. I am not even a honda guy and I fully enjoy it. Great job man, keep it up.

  8. Good stuff first time here and i like what you have done

    i will be visiting the site often

    keep up the good work

  9. hi i got my decals whoo hooo you are so cool man. ill have my homies throw one on the ride to support yo ass.. maybe you can get off welfare soon.. be easy beezy

  10. Whats up homie. Nice to still be able to read your ranting haha. The Wheel Blogs crack me up!

  11. keep up the good work!! i love this site!! =)

  12. what up. stickydiljoe… keep up the good work

  13. great site man i would for sure rep the chronicles if i ever move up to cali

  14. What up Sticky man I love reading your blog bro
    Keep it going doggie you doing a great job

  15. i was referred by JDMCHAT who i found on Playstation Home. thank you for providing this site for free, it has the best and most entertaining articles i have ever read in my life. i have a 4th gen prelude and ive never seen as much coverage on a BB. thanks for guiding people in the right direction, i feel like im in socal reading your articles. *I sent a message to Primedia to let them know where the real shits at. You deserve the best man, keep doing big things this site is gold
    please help me get stickers so i can rep the Chronicles in Denver CO, am i just supposed to send you money? and where did you come up with the name stickydiljoe?

    • Haha, I wouldn’t go sending emails to Primedia or anybody, I gotta work too you know so I can keep this site up and running. If you wanna help support the site, there’s a link entitled “support the chronicles” which will guide you to a section where you can do just that. Thanks.

  16. hahahahaha….im glad you like that Tera Patrick tee….thanks again for showing love to the As1 family

    Haze of As1

  17. Hey big guy I need a small fav. from ya. Give me a shout at greggbucell@hotmail.com or 6787789665 thanks! Gregg S3mag.com

  18. Hey Joey,

    Me and some mates from the Netherlands are a big fan of your work and just wanted to give you props man. Keep on going with the site like this. The coverages are always a joy to read.



  19. Hahaha, tim is right! 😉
    Our crew from the Netherlands watchin your blog every day dude…
    Think we’re gonna order some stickers and shirts soon man 😉



  20. Whats good with the custom Rotamaster EMO wheel you were gonna make Lol??

  21. really diggin your blog man. i’m kinda new to this car trickin out thing. so if it’s ok i could use some help.
    arnel’s eg is my inspiration. if it’s ok to ask can i know it’s wheel specs? and how low it is dropped?
    thanks man it would really help a lot.

  22. I’ve always enjoyed visiting this site, one of my favorites for sure! Will definetly be getting a sticker soon to REP this!

  23. I used to own a “JDM” inspired DA integra that I built in 1997(whatever that shit means nowadays) I was inspired by FFSquad etc… Got into the scene, got tired of the drama and lack of “mature acting enthusiast” if they were mature they were dick’s. I sold it, even so annoyed I got rid of my prized authentic mugen sideskirts that were found in Canada (wtf). Yes they were real, label in the gelcoat :-). I’ve since moved on bought a MKIV jetta 1.8t blah blah blah, now converting it to diesel (I know). I’m still connected to Hondas as I have, excuse me my WIFE has a Honda Element. I’ve seen the one posted here and in seeing all the hondas and how far they’ve come I’m again inspired. Thanks for keeping the drama out and allowing someone like myself to realize how much I’ve missed these Honda’s and vehicle’s in general.

  24. Sick blog…first time I actually sit down and read whats on here. Nice, all it needs is some girls…lol.

  25. yeah this blog is ill man.
    love what you have done to it.
    this blog is truely inspiring in many ways for me to keep on getting my eh finished!

    props to you and who ever else has helped with this!

  26. Hey bro I LOVE your site dude! I really like your DGAF attitude you have on the cars and you actually shoot interesting shit. Big fan on how you are mainly a Honda guy, but you occasionally feed us different shit.

    Oh and to be honest, I read your site mainly for your smart-ass comments you have to say about the cars. They are seriously HILARIOUS and make me laugh. I catch my self screen-shotting them and posting them on various sites. CHEERS!

  27. Stickydildoe, (Joey Lee)

    Got my stickers awhile ago and the packaging was kinda funny… Anyway, have really enjoyed reading and now financially supporting a freelancer! Feels good to help the needy! lol
    Anyway, your blog is a blast and there isn’t anything else out there that compares to it!!

  28. Sick Website..

    Representing Redding Cali, Norcal 530.

    i was based in San Diego Before for a little under 6 yrs.. Met a few from that area.. Now i moved my Socal Styling Back to Norcal, Trying to do it proper..

  29. Hi can I contact you in anyway?, I need some info for a Speedhunters article

    Jeroen Willemsen
    you can email me on kultivateblog (@) gmail.com

  30. Wsup Joey,

    Are you the same joey from Toyotanation with the sick gen2? Anyways nice blog man keep it up.

  31. love this site man…check up on the beautiful pictures and perfect event coverage every day. KEEP IT UP!!!!

  32. Shout out all the way from Melbourne, Australia! Awesome site, keep up the great work!

  33. love the blog, keep up the good work and cant wait for my Chronicles decal to come

  34. I bought a 2000 PY Integra Type R, it has the “The Chronicles” OG sticker on the windshield and I was like WTF IS STICKYDILJOE????

    So my search brought me here…

    Ahhhh… it all makes sense.

  35. Hey just wanted to say thanks for keeping me entertained for so many hours! Always checking in onthe site and trying to spread the love in the UK 🙂 keep it up

  36. Big ups Joey, I’m diggin the site. I’m a Mazda fan now but my first love was Hondas. I love the site and your witty commentary. Most DEFINITELY no drama. subscribed RSS…sorry to not have discovered this site until now. Love what you do and do what you love…live it up bro, thanks for all the hard work to share what we all enjoy.

  37. I loved your site from the very beginning of it’s publication. I must say I’m very addicted to it and I check it out every single day. I’m a Honda fan, I love what you do and I gotta thank you for the hard job you do keeping us informed. Keep it up bro, Love from Greece!!!

  38. Hey thanks for putting out an awesome blog about the things I’m missing out on during deployment. Love the write ups and pics! Thank you-
    Andrew BannisteR

  39. Whats up Joey!! Just want to start out with saying im a big fan of your work. I visit your site daily. I have seen my car shot in pics once in a while. Im interested in doing a shoot with you if possible. I own the milano red Rsx on full polished work meisters. I met you at the norme reeves meet. Im Eddies friend the one with the tsx and a friend of norm too. Let me know if we can work something out I would love to have my car shot by you. Thanks again email me at thermosillo6@gmail.com . Have a great day and keep up the work bro.

  40. Love the blog! I enjoy reading it so keep it up!

  41. bring a 2xl shirt to the eibach meet so i can finally get one that fits.

  42. sick blog man!,, been following it a few months ago…

    just to let you know, you have a big fan from monterrey, mexico… ive been building my civic, and im definately going to put some the chronicles stickers to it!

    great job bro!

  43. First off, awesome blog I check it almost daily when I can; secondly I went to wekfest and finally got to see your CIMA in person… loved it! Which brings me to my question, you still selling your wheels??? haha no worries regardless
    Thanks in advance

  44. Heard about this at IA2011 this past weekend… Now it is bookmarked!
    I have been collecting Super Street magazine since i saw it on the shelf at Books-A-Million back in my college days. I have the first issue and have not let my subscription expire. Glad to see your involvement in the scene has led you to this and now this is blowing up! All i heard were good things about Stickydiljoe and that I have to check it out….. Glad you made your way out to IA this year and hopefully it will not be your last.


  45. how do you sign up for your website

  46. I’ve noticed since you’ve changed themes that you’ve had togo with a small (default) header image. If you wanted the css code to change it this will work

    #header-image {
    background: url(“?”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    height: ?px;

    #header-image img {
    display: none;

  47. Hi Joey.
    I found the chronicles as a result of Performance VW mag here in the UK featuring the site. I’m new to Hondas & your blog is feeding me with so much inspiration right now. Our Honda scene is nothing compared to what you have there in the US.

    I’m really hyped about reading the Year 3 report coming up.

    Keep at it. Craig

  48. Hi, My name is Brian and I’d like to speak with you about your blog, please email me at your earliest convenience.

  49. Hey Joe, i love your site, visit everyday, so i decided to help support you and i bought a chronicles sticker during the ciber monday sale… and it still hasn’t arrived. I finalized payment and everything.. and im starting to wonder if im ever gonna recieve my sticker. thanks

  50. I’d like info on upcoming events/meets. I copped my 1st Honda/1st wagon 1/12/12. Funny how I was never into Honda’s or tuners and that matter lol. But tuner’s are growing on this Mini Trucker/Oldies guy lol.

    562 253 2762

    10,000 Thank you’s

  51. Been in the scene for a while and I no longer use Honda forums for the reasons you listed above, I simply don’t care for the trash talking and enthusiasts putting down others. This site allows me to stay up to date on everything I love about the scene without the bs drama! Keep it going! I check the site for updates daily for it is my gateway to the world I have come to love!
    Danny from Houston Texas.

  52. Ran into the site after one of my users posted links to your Spring 2012 IA coverage on my local site. Matt’s car was featured several times in the writeup and it’s really cool to see you highlighting someone I know from our local scene. 🙂 It was great to see Russ’s NSX making the cut as well. He was going to come down here for a Fast Five premiere since the Corvette from the movie was made by a friend of mine. Too bad tornados killed that entire event…:(

  53. I love this site. I got a guy in TX El Paso running a sick EG6 and it is the only on of its kind!

  54. I still don’t understand the name STICKYDIL??

  55. Hey Joe, new fan here. I’ve tuned in to your blogs just to check out some good looking hondas. I don’t know nothing about swaps and stuff like that, would love to own an eg civic and learn to build. I hope I can learn from your blogs.

  56. Found this website completely by accident…. AWESOME stuff man.. keep it up..

  57. I noticed that you have one of the most popular blogs on wordpress.com I was wondering if you want to take it to the next level?

    -Alex Greer

  58. Hi im from the Caribean , I’ve been a big Honda fan over 10 years now and i really love your site. I’m interested in getting a 7 point safety 21 or cussco roll cage for my 1996 honda civic sedan and would like some info on where i could source one. Jeron from Antigua

  59. I have been following this site for awhile now, and glad to say the quality posts..although Honda oriented are still among the best in the automotive blogosphere. LOL the address is weird though. Also….bang on to what you have in the description and other persons posts about the forums. The big blogs and even tube comment sections all suffer the same issues. The Nisei event and its coverage are superb.

    Props the keeping this going and growing, I know you don’t have the staff of other sites. Please do the import and enthusiast blog scene a favour and keep it up!

  60. Just found this blog and I love it! I am currently rekindling my love for Honda’s again; I am also a long-time Honda enthusiast since the mid-nineties hoping to grab some inspiration for a new build at some point in the near future. Will be going back through the archives for sure.

  61. In the 2nd paragraph, right before “just without all the BS,” you wrote “has” instead of “as”. Regardless of the matter, blogs and snaps are too legit.

  62. Sorry~ I was order some stuff (The Chronicles Version 5 T-Shirts and some sticker) since June/05, but still don’t get it yet!!!
    the Invoice ID: BOKF-623170 , and it’s from Taiwan!! THX

  63. hey bud, im the owener of the old emotions blue rhd ek9, if you would like a bit more info on the background of it shoot me an email, i think you will love to hear about it. great site keep up the good work!!

  64. I am going to visit Cali one day In hopes of getting to meet you and shake your hand, your pictures are breathtaking, you are phenomenal with that camera. You can make a simple car look clean AF. Keep it up bro!

  65. Much respect Mr.lee, Im from New York City and when ya guys came to wekfest in NJ it was nothing but luv bro. Thanks for helping to keep the scene relevent and fresh, Im deffinatly attending you Year Five stickydiljoe.com anniversery event. From NYC to LA to show luv.

  66. Bro I love your blog mad props I would like to put stickers on my ek 🙂

  67. Hands down one of the best, if not THE BEST, import car/enthusiast/scene sites on the web! I’ve been visiting the site since early ’09 and back then I’ll admit I didn’t like most of the cars photographed. But since then due to Joey Lee’s insight and imagery, I have nothing but admiration and respect for all those that have been “Chronicled”. One day last year while visiting Ballade Sports, David, Ryan, and Ryan Der walked in and I was like “WHOA…..that’s them! LOL! It was almost like I knew them after subscribing to the Chronicles each day. I spoke to David and he was just as cool as portrayed on the site.

    Keep up the good work!

  68. Great blog! Did you take the pictures yourself? Btw I am a Honda man myself. Proud owner of a 2004 Honda Pilot (Not super cool I know), but Honda All the way. Keep it up!

  69. i dont really remember how i found out about this blog, but i know i have seen your photos for a long time and it’s great to finally see all your work. i was wondering how did you get into your position as a freelance writer for honda tuning, super street and import tuner? i have been trying to find my niche in this auto world for such a long time. would like if you could help me out with anything. I do write and am an amateur photographer. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! and again…great work!

  70. Damn Joey, after all this HT cancelation and reading about you being sober, I gotta do something! I can’t have you going sober on us. I can’t support you if your products are all sold out. Keep up the great work. I’ll be checking in for a quality read and to purchase some stickers and maybe a t-shirt, if you got fat boy sizes 3xtall. Thanks for all you do in this community!!!!!

  71. Hey bro where can i get a black decal of yours? the no rival , no equal ? please contact me asap! thanks bro!

  72. yeah i want a sticker aswell to represent chronicles , can i get one ?

  73. Love this website, big Honda/Acura fan!. I own a 2006 RSX-Type S. I love when people share their passion for Cars/Builds.

    Thanks again,


  74. btw how do i get a sticker?

  75. Greetings from the Canary Islands (Spain)
    I love your Blog keep it.

  76. Im a huge fan of ur work and thanks for giving ur viewers a great opportunity to follow u in ur journey . i already ordered a tradition descal and will represent in the northeast . Ct

  77. Hi, nice job… keep writing and giving news…. All the best..

  78. Hey Joe.

    Your always showing the world others cars through your lens. Iv always wondered what kind of car or projects do you have?

  79. Sticky,

    Do you plan doing more coverage on the GT3 Integra soon? So much hype but we want to see a jay leno garage type episode driving the car etc. Any time frame when the car will be turned?

  80. JOEY!!!! Moar Shirts!

  81. I found your website via Youtube, while watching videos on random cars, and races, saw your Vlog, clicked, and just started making popcorn and sitting back looking at all the fun and exciting time you all have had, haha. All in all, I love your videos, you guys seemed pretty chill, and since then, for about 6-10 months of watching your videos (currently watching Vlog #3) I’ve actually wanted to plan a trip to Japan at least once with some friends, and site see, and visit some car shows. Be sure to keep the Vlogs going man, you guys are awesome, living the dream. you all stay safe, have fun, and hopefully meet you all on the streets someday. 😀

  82. Greatest youtube channel and blog ever! It is the passion that keeps us going no matter what. Love your work and your videos. Keep up the good work!