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Tomoyuki Sasaki’s Civic Ferio is one of my favorite Honda builds of all-time. It’s incredibly well-built inside and out. It’s damn near perfect. Every time I see it in person the paint is just immaculate and he’s always looking to add new stuff to the car. What many may not remember, or not know at …

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I’ve been chasing this car for a good two years now, maybe even more. It was one of those extensive builds that you weren’t even sure would ever be done. In terms of the overall DC5 “scene”, if you will, this is perhaps one of the best ever built. Hell, I think it could possibly …

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Well, it’s October. That means by the end of this month (fingers-crossed), the Rywire Integra Type R build will make it’s first official public appearance at the Year 7 event, followed by a trek to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA event. Most of the car is together now in terms of aesthetics but there …

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