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This is it. The final and concluding portion of this year’s Wekfest San Jose 2016 Coverage. There is still much more to see when the Vlogs are finished, but below are the final set of photos from that day. I really enjoyed this show. The trip up this year seemed a little more rushed because …

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What’s up everyone, back now with some more photos from the 2016 Wekfest San Jose event. I spent most of the morning trying to cram both photos and video together and the Vlogs are currently in the process of being pieced together. I wish I could have taken more photos but there was just so …

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Man, Wekfest San Jose was really good this year. Okay, I know that may sound a little “home team-ish” since I am on the Wekfest tour with the staff but seriously, the show was REALLY good this year. The last two years or so, I’ve been racking my brain a bit trying to figure out …

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